8 Ways To Fix HBO GO Error Code 102

error code 102 hbo go
error code 102 hbo go

HBO Go has to be the best choice for people who like on-demand entertainment streaming. There is a smartphone app available for quick streaming, but users can access it through the web as well. On the contrary, error code 102 HBO Go is a common issue that HBO Go users are struggling with. To help you with this error code, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods with you!

HBO GO Error Code 102

1) Reboot

The first thing that you can try to fix the error code 102 is the reboot. This is because reboot helps fix the minor issues related to configurations that are causing these errors. That being said, it doesn’t matter if you are using the smartphone app or using HBO Go on a laptop; just reboot your devices.

For rebooting the smartphone, you have to hold the power button until the restart or shut-off option appears. Then, just switch off the smartphone and switch it on after some time. Similarly, you can reboot the laptop by shutting it off and powering it on after a few minutes.

2) Network Issues

If you are using the AT&T internet for streaming HBO Go, keep in mind that AT&T has stated that they have had issues with on-demand streaming. The problem lies in the AT&T network, but it tends to happen during weekends and holidays.

That being said, if you have an AT&T network for streaming HBO Go and are getting error code 102, you have to call AT&T customer support or tech team to resolve the issues for you. In the majority of cases, the network issues are sorted within a few hours, but you can always call the customer support team for assistance.

3) Google Chrome

For people who are trying to access HBO Go through Google Chrome (web-based), the error code 10 might be because of excessive plug-ins. That being said, you have to delete the plug-ins from the search engine and try streaming HBO Go again.

For clearing up the plug-ins, open the advanced settings from Google Chrome’s settings. Then, tap on plug-ins and disable the individual plug-ins. Once the plug-ins are disabled, relaunch Google Chrome and try streaming on HBO Go again.

4) Router

In some cases, the error code 102 will appear with weak internet signals. The internet signals can be improved by rebooting the router or modem. The reboot is pretty simple since you just have to switch off the router, wait for a few seconds, and switch on the router.

This router reboot will optimize the internet signals and are likely to increase the internet speed. So, once the router is rebooted, stream HBO Go again, and we are certain error code 102 will go away!

5) Encryption

For people who are using HBO Go on Smart TV and are using the ethernet connection, you have to check the compatibility of the internet router with the TV adapter. If there any chances of conflict in the connection, you have to eliminate encryption. For instance, you need to remove password protection from the internet connection. Moreover, you could switch off firewall encryption.

6) Network Channel

When it comes down to streaming HBO Go, you need to remain particular about the network channels. For the most part, people use 5GHz network channel as it’s perceived to have higher internet speed.

However, the internet signals can be weak with 5GHz connection. That being said, we suggest that you change the network channel to 2.4GHz because it results in a stable internet connection and the internet range will be wide as well.

7) DNS Server

In some cases, you can manually specify and outline the DNS server for fixing the error code 102 with HBO Go. However, this solution is only for people who are using HBO Go on Smart TV. So, just open the menu of your Smart TV and move to the DNS item. Then, add in the DNS item field and save the settings. Once the settings are saved, open the HBO Go app again, and the error code won’t be there!

8) Firmware

Lastly, if the error code 102 is still appearing whenever you try to access HBO Go, you need to update the software firmware of your Smart TV. The firmware can be updated by opening the menu and scrolling down to the support section. From the support section, click on the software update option and press the update button.

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