Arris: Invalid Range Of Ports (5 Fixes)

invalid range of ports arris
invalid range of ports arris

When it comes down to the routers, port forwarding helps preserve the public IP address and reduce the chances of unwanted access. This is why the modern routers are designed with the ports feature, and Arris routers offer the feature as well. On the other hand, some people are struggling with an invalid range of ports Arris. However, it’s nothing to be worried about because we have the troubleshooting methods!

Arris: Invalid Range Of Ports

1) Firmware

For everyone who is unable to fix the invalid range of ports error on Arris, we suggest that you update the firmware. The firmware is highly likely to solve the issues. The firmware is like the app update for the router. With this being said, when you download the firmware, the majority of issues will be resolved, and the software configuration errors will be resolved.

2) IP Address

In the majority of cases, the invalid range of ports error occurs with disruption in the IP connection and address. For this purpose, we suggest that you change the IP address of the connection to the LAN IP. This is essential when the servers are switched. Once you change the IP address to the new LAN IP, the ports will become valid.

Secondly, if you need to modify the IP address hosts, there are a specific range of address that you need to choose from. For instance, for the Arris router, it must have numbers ranging from to when it concerns the hosts. So, ensure that the private IP address for port forwarding ranges between these values.

3) Reboot

If you don’t want to opt for more technical troubleshooting methods, we suggest that you reboot the router. For this purpose, take out the power cable from the router as well as from the power socket. Now, wait for ten to twenty seconds and plug it again after some time. Once the router switches on, try port forwarding again, and the error will be removed.

4) Factory Reset

In case reboot didn’t fix the issue, there are chances that you will need to factory reset the router. When you factory reset the router, all the changes and settings will be removed, and users will need to enter the settings again. For factory resetting the Arris router, you will need to press the red button with the pin or needle for around fifteen seconds.

5) Enable Port Forwarding

If none of the troubleshooting methods are working, it’s highly likely that the port forwarding is not enabled on the Arris router. For this purpose, you will need to enable the port forwarding by following the below-mentioned steps;

  • Login to the Arris router through default IP
  • Move to the firewall tab and tap on the virtual servers and port forwarding
  • Now, hit the add button and tap on the inbound HTTP range (choose the 80 to 80 option)
  • Now, choose the TCP and add the computer’s static IP
  • Tap on “add the virtual server,” and you will be able to see the virtual HTTP server

Lastly, we suggest that you check if the ports are open or not. For checking the ports, you can use the network utilities tool on the Arris website.

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