Compare Comcast XG2v2-P DVR vs Non-DVR

comcast xg2v2-p
comcast xg2v2-p


Have you ever tried to get a TV box that can provide you an on-demand high-quality video that you can watch anytime? If yes, then you may have been enjoying an amazing life on your couch in front of your TV. It’s the most satisfying thing when you can watch on-demand videos on your TV box.

So, to get your hands on the best possible TV box, we have come up with a review that will help you know about one of the best products of Xfinity Comcast TV boxes. The draft will help you know everything about the Comcast xg2v2-p. Follow this article, and you will learn about some of the best features of this TV box.

What is Comcast XG2v2-p?

The Comcast xg2v2-p is a TV box of Xfinity corporations that provides your on-demand video with no issues faced. This TV set is designed for you to enjoy your favorite video whenever and wherever you want. The Comcast xg2v2-p provides you with demand videos and lets you connect your Android and IOS to the TV.

It helps you to stream videos on both TV and mobiles. Along with it, you can also use your mobile phones as the remote control to your Comcast xg2v2-p. It provides you an online app that will help you convert your ordinary mobile phone into a Comcast xg2v2-p remote control to navigate everything properly and efficiently.

How many TVs Can It Serve?

If you want to connect all of your home TVs at one time while using the Comcast xg2v2-p, you are allowed to use at least 4 TV simultaneously. However, the number of TVs can be increased with the help of a technician. But, if you are going to use 4 TV simultaneously, this TV box can help you stream on all of the four TVs.

So, if you were disturbed due to the number of TVs at your home and the inability of your TV box to provide quality streaming on all of them, then the Comcast xg2v2-p is the best thing that you must bet on.

Comcast XG2v2-p DVR Vs. Non-DVR

There is a great debate that which model of the Comcast TV box you should choose. Whether you should go for the DVR or the Non-DVR, we will resolve all of your issues related to DVR and Non-DVR boxes in the draft. The DVR and Non-DVR boxes come up with some of the significant differences crucial to be noticed while getting the Comcast xg2v2-p.

No matter what kind, the recording is done while using the DVR boxes, and the Non-DVR boxes are not usually used for recording purposes. They can schedule your recording and may also play-back recorded content, but the Non-DVR box will not help you record the content.

If you do not know, then the X1 DVR can connect with the Comcast network. It will help you record live content and allow you to rewind or even pause the live video streaming to watch it in the later hours. It can be one of the best things that you may get with a TV box.

The recording while plying live content is not supported in the Non-DVR box, and you will not enjoy the Non-DVR box as much as the DVR box.

Along with it, access to several applications depends on the box that you own. If you get the Comcast xg2v2-p box, then choose wisely before betting on your TV box. It will help you to enjoy while watching your favorite video content.


In the article, we have provided a complete review of the Comcast xg2v2-p. The draft has covered every single aspect of the Comcast xg2v2-p TV box. If you were thinking or still thinking of getting a TV box, try betting on the Comcast xg2v2-p. It is one of the best TV boxes that you may have for your home. Try to get this TV box, and you will undoubtedly enjoy watching on-demand videos. If you face any issue, then let us know in the comment box. We will help you to resolve all of your related topics.

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  1. I have the XG2v2-P box. If I try to set up 2 recording programs at the same time on the same day, one will not record. The first of the 3 red circles will have a line/x through it. Sometimes a different 2 programs will record. This is very frustrating, as I have 2 programs that mean very much to me. I do not understand the DVR vs. Non-DVR. Which is this box?

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