Compare Sonic Internet vs Comcast Internet

Sonic Internet vs Comcast Internet
Sonic Internet vs Comcast Internet

In this new era, full of advanced and high tech smart devices, fast speed internet is like oxygen. Every single person needs it to live an easy and comfortable life.

Whether you are talking to your dear old friends or you are watching your favorite movies or you are cleaning your home sweet home, almost all kinds of computing devices or home gadgets require an internet connection. It will not be wrong to say that the world now depends on the internet services.

But the markets are full of different networks and it is a really hard choice to make when it comes to choosing a single connection on which all your activities will depend so obviously it needs to be the best. Here, we come across a battle between Sonic Internet VS Comcast Internet and the features, services, and speed they offer.

Sonic Internet Connection

Sonic is a private internet and telecommunication company founded in 1994 serving the people of California, USA. Their Fiber network promises to deliver the best internet connectivity to the people over the most advanced technology available.

Fiber optics is a pretty well-known product method in the field of network connections which is capable of transferring data via light traveling speed. It uses small and flexible glass strands for network connections. Not only does it provide a lightning-fast internet speed but also it provides protection to the network signals.

The connections are not susceptible to any outside forces and can easily hold the network firm against obstacles including power outages, bad weather, aging and rusting, or long distances. This way you get the fastest and most reliable, Internet connection at your service.

Xfinity Comcast Internet Services

Xfinity is basically the telecommunication subsidiary of the Comcast Corporations founded approximately 39 years ago as Comcast cables in 1981. It is serving the people with its various internet services all over the United States of America.

In 2010, it rebranded its different services, and the high-speed internet offered by the company was named as Comcast Xfinity Internet Connection. Facing many ups and downs, Comcast is now the largest Internet Service Provider of the United States with a total of about 26.5 million customers using their high-speed internet connection.

Comparing Sonic Internet vs Comcast Internet

When comparing the Internet networks of both companies there are few characteristics that demand to pay attention to them. These are the Internet Signal transduction, the coverage area, the bandwidth offered, the total allowance, and obviously the package price.

Signal transduction

As discussed above, Sonic uses fiber optics for their internet signal transduction which eliminates most of the potential obstacles and hurdles that can cause an interruption in the signal pathway.

Also, it provides the internet a better speed as signals are transferred from one point to the other uninterrupted without facing any trouble.

As for the Comcast, it offers its Internet connections in the form of cable networks as well as wireless network connections.

Comcast uses its vast spread telecommunication cable lines for delivering internet connection over the US regions. This provides efficient signal transduction for Internet connectivity at a very fast speed.

Coverage Area

The coverage area covered by the Sonic Internet connection mostly resides within the parts of the United States. Sonic provides Internet facilities to the people of California and provides better coverage in all parts of the city.

As compared to the Comcast Company which is the largest in the field of telecommunication, it covers most regional areas of the United States and provides their Internet facilities to a greater amount of US population. By using their cable lines, Comcast is able to target a better coverage area than Sonic.

The Internet Bandwidth and Speed

Bandwidth is basically the speed of internet connectivity. It describes the maximum amount of data transferring rate of the Internet connection or network. It is the measure of the quantity of data information that can be sent to someone over a specific network connection in a given limited amount of time.

Since Sonic Internet uses cables for signal transference, they are able to provide their customers a reasonable Internet speed. But Comcast undoubtedly entertains their users with better bandwidth and a high-speed internet connectivity using their high technology of cable and wireless connections.

Total Data Allowance

Total data allowance is the measure of total size and amount of data information that can be sent over the internet using any available network.

It varies with the brand and package you are using for your day to day internet surfing. Sonic offers a good deal of data allowance as well as Comcast which comes with various internet packages for its customers to choose from.

Offered Package Prices

Price is usually the making and breaking point of every decision and the main concern for people. The most important thing that comes into mind is the comparison of internet packages offered by both networks.

Sonic offers three different packages depending on your location namely; Fusion (x1, x2), FTTN (x1, x2), and Fiber whereas Comcast, on the other hand being a larger network, might offer better speeds on those same locations.

The price point of Sonic looks much fairer. You start with a price fixed according to a promotional which is usually low and after the promotional, it changes into a month to month price that does not change quickly whereas the Comcast 250mbps line costs 95$ even after 4 years of using.


Sonic Internet VS Comcast Internet has its own separate pros and cons. Comcast Internet speed depends upon the area. It definitely is better but costs a fortune as compared to the sonic internet, which offers fiber net which is relatively cheaper.

Comcast has a bigger network connection offering better speed as well as better coverage for people in most parts of the US simply because it is a huge company. But Sonic has a good reputation even being small. It offers fiber net in San Francisco, Brentwood, and expanding its area.

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