5 Quick Solutions To Cisco Meraki Red Light

cisco meraki red light
cisco meraki red light

The presence of red lights on most networking devices is not a good sign. Either your device is experiencing a hardware malfunction or something has gone wrong. that being said,  a red LED code in Cisco Meraki access points is not mentioned in detail but it could be when you leave your AP’s orange light on for too long, you may notice it turning red.

Because this is an emergency, you may not find the best solution to a Cisco Meraki red light if you search the internet. As a result, we will be discussing some troubleshooting ways.

Cisco Meraki Red Light Fix:

  1. AP Cannot Connect Find An Uplink:

This problem is usually indicated by a blinking orange light, but if you see a red light, it could be a possibility. Checking to see if the AP is connected to the gateway is a good place to start. When you connect the AP via Ethernet cable, it may no longer function as a gateway as it did previously. So troubleshooting this can assist you in resolving the red LED issue.

  1. Check Ethernet Connections:

If your access point is connected through an Ethernet cable, it is likely that the cable is faulty or that the connection is not stable. To begin, remove your Ethernet cable and replace it with a new one. Make the connection and ensure that both ends are securely and firmly seated in their respective ports. Make sure to use a CAT5 Ethernet cable to avoid compatibility issues.

  1. AP Is Not Getting An IP Address:

When you connect your access point to the network, it should receive an IP address from the DHCP server. This ensures that the AP does not have a static IP address. However, if the access point does not receive an IP address from the DHCP server, there is a problem. As a result, ensure that your DHCP server is reachable and operational. Also, ensure that your DHCP pool has IP addresses available for lease.

  1. Factory Reset Your AP:

A factory reset is a good way to clear out your access point’s incompatible settings.

Locate a reset button on the back of your AP and press it for at least 15 seconds with a paper clip. When the AP’s power light goes out, you can let go of the button. After a few seconds, your AP will be restored to its factory defaults. Turn on the AP and check to see if the red light goes away.

  1. Call Cisco Meraki Help Desk:

If your problem remains unresolved till this step, it may be a hardware issue. Either your access point has died or the AP has stopped working due to a hardware failure. Because this is a predictable reason, it is best to seek professional assistance. For additional technical assistance, contact Cisco support.

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