5 Troubleshoot Tips To Fix MetroNet Alarm Light On

metronet alarm light on
metronet alarm light on

MetroNet is a reliable fiber optic internet service provider. The best thing about MetroNet internet is that there are no internet caps and you get an unlimited internet allowance. In addition, the company offers a free router and the cost is already included in the monthly plan, promising zero extra charges.

The router is designed with various LED indicators and alarm to help you monitor the internet and network status. The alarm turns on when the internet connection is adversely impacted, so let’s see what you’ve to do about it!

How to Fix MetroNet Alarm Light On?

  1. Reboot The Connected Device

Whenever you start facing issues with the internet service, the first step is to reboot the connected device rather than the router. That’s because the alarm light turns on when there is no connectivity. So, reboot your smartphone or laptop, whichever device you want to connect to the internet.

For this purpose, you should turn off the device and wait for ten to fifteen minutes. Once the device turns on, connect it to the internet and it should start working fine.

  1. Router’s Location

If rebooting the connected device hasn’t turned off the alarm light, you’ve to consider the router’s location. In particular, the router should be placed closer to the device that you want to use the internet on. Closer proximity will eliminate the chances of internet interference.

It’s recommended that you place the MetroNet router in the central location of your house – it will help improve the internet speed as well. In addition, the router should be placed away from metal objects and electronic or wireless devices as they negatively impact the network coverage.

  1. Power Cycle The Router

Power cycling the router helps resolve the majority of internet issues. That’s because this process helps eliminate the small bugs that cause internet interference or slow speed. For the power cycle, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Locate the power button on the router and put it in the “off” position
  • Disconnect the power cord and wait for ten minutes
  • Then, connect the power cord and turn on the power button
  • Once the router turns on, it will automatically connect to the server and the internet speed will be better
  1. Upgrade The Router

If the alarm light is still on, there are chances of hardware damage in the router. For this reason, we recommend that you hire an electrician to inspect the router’s hardware. The electrician can check the continuity of internal hardware with a multimeter.

If some hardware components have zero continuity, you should get them replaced. However, the better solution is to contact MetroNet customer support and request for a new router (they will provide the new router for free).

  1. Outage

The last potential reason behind an alarm light is an internet or network outage. Different weather conditions like snowfall, rainfall, and thunderstorm can lead to an internet outage. In some cases, the network servers are turned off when there is maintenance work going on.

You can contact MetroNet customer support to confirm an outage. If that’s the case, just wait for the company to restore the connection!

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