6 Quick Solutions To Speedefy Router Light Blinking

speedefy router light blinking
speedefy router light blinking

Speedefy router might be affordable, but it comes with a ton of bug complaints and problems with the network connection dropping. One of the more common problems that some customers pointed out was related to the router light blinking on the Speedefy unit. If you’re in the same boat with this gaming router, then the router is having trouble connecting to the internet.

Luckily, it is not that hard to fix this issue with the game, and you can rely on some of these troubleshooting methods to get through the network issues. Hopefully, you won’t have to spend hours trying to fix the device, and it will start working as soon as you get through these fixes.

Fixing Speedefy Router Light Blinking:

  1. Fix Ethernet Cable

Start by checking the condition of the ethernet cable. Most of the time, if the cable is kinked or frayed, the smart thing to do is to replace the cable and try a new cable to connect to the network. So, if you’ve yet to handle the router blinking light, just fix the ethernet cable and then check the response from the main device.

  1. Check Port Condition

At this point, you should also check the condition of the port and remove any obstructions that might be lodged inside the port. This is especially true for users that have not cleaned their devices in a while, and simply using an air blower will do the trick. So, grab a blower and then get rid of the debris or hair lodged inside the port.

  1. Try Power Cycling The Device

Sometimes, all it takes to get ahead of the blinking light errors is to reset the device. So, if you’re not getting any response at this stage, simply remove the power from the router for a few minutes. After waiting for around 20 minutes, you can reconnect power to your device and then check the response from the status light. It should work perfectly at this stage.

  1. Replace Connectors 

The issue might also stem from the connectors, and there is no harm in checking the connectors at the end of the Speedefy router to isolate the issue. You need to make sure that the connectors are in perfect condition. However, if they seem to be damaged, try going to your local store to grab a replacement immediately.

  1. It’s Time To Reset Your Router

Resetting your router is a good idea if none of the fixes here have helped you round the error. So, go through the reset routine and then set up the Speedefy router one more time. If the router is in good shape and there are no hardware issues with the device, the problem should be fixed after the reset is completed.

  1. Try Asking Official Support

You can try asking the official support members to help you with the issue as well. It will take one or two days to secure the official response, but you’re not left with many options at this stage. So, to isolate the issue, just reach out to professional support members.

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