4 Ways To Fix Orange Light On Cisco DPC3010

cisco dpc3010 orange light
cisco dpc3010 orange light

There are many routers in the market available for people but choosing the right brand is extremely important. With this being said, if you have the Cisco router and you are struggling with the Cisco DPC3010 orange light issue, you are not alone. So, we are here to help and tell you what it means and how you can solve it. Have a look!

Orange Light On Cisco DPC3010 Router – The Meaning

To begin with, you must know what the light means to fix it in a better way. With this being said, there are three types of orange light on the router. First of all, if the DS light is orange, it means that the DS channel is connected but the channel bonding is disrupted. Secondly, if the US light is orange, it’s still the channel bonding issue with the US channel.

Thirdly, if the ethernet light is orange, the internet is connected at 10/100 Mbps. This means that you are getting the internet speed lower than what the router can support. Some technicians also suspect that orange light blinks if the router is stuck in the recovery mode given the firmware issue. So, in the section below, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods!

1. Firmware

First of all, you need to make sure that the firmware is properly installed on the router. This might have happened if you shut off the router when the firmware was still installing. In this case, you will need to re-install the firmware by checking from the official Cisco account. Once the firmware is properly installed, reboot the router and you will be able to fix the orange light issue. However, you can move to the next steps if firmware didn’t fix the issue.

2. Network Devices

In case firmware installation didn’t work out the orange light issue, we suggest that you reboot the network devices connected to the router. Also, you need to ensure that you plug out the gateway computer as well. Once you take out the power cords from the gateway computer and router, wait for at least five minutes, and start plugging in the cable connection. You need to connect the computer to the 1-4 gateway port. Once you connect everything in this manner, the internet will be back on track.

3. Cable Connection

In addition to rebooting the network devices, we suggest that you redo the cable connections. For this purpose, you need to inspect the cables and make sure there are no damages and fraying. Also, if there are physical damages, replace the cables with a new one. In addition, we suggest that you take out the cables from the router and power outlets, and insert them again after a few minutes.

4. Internet Speed

If the internet speed is slow and the internet service provider is not transmitting the strong internet signals, there are chances that the orange light issue is persistent because of that. So, we suggest that you reboot the internet connection by power cycling the router. Once the internet signals are strong enough, the orange light will be eliminated!

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