7 Ways To Fix CenturyLink WiFi Password Not Working

centurylink wifi password not working
centurylink wifi password not working

Using WiFi has become an absolute necessity these days since people want to stay connected at all times. For the people using CenturyLink, multiple issues are arising, and one of them is password issues. So, if the CenturyLink WiFi password is not working, believe us, you aren’t alone in this. For everyone struggling with the issue, we have added the troubleshooting tips in this article. Let’s have a look!

Troubleshoot CenturyLink WiFi Password Not Working

1. First Things First

Well, this might be cliché, but if the WiFi password isn’t working while you are trying to connect to the internet, there are high chances that you are entering the wrong password. That’s to say because WiFi passwords tend to be case sensitive, which makes one mistake tedious. So, make sure you are adding the correct password.

2. Check Other Devices

Secondly, you should try connecting some other devices to the same network. For instance, when the WiFi password isn’t working on the laptop, you should try connecting your mobile with the same network. If the same password works on the mobile, you know that there is something wrong with the laptop.

3. Weak WiFi Signals

Hardly anyone believes in this cause of the problem, but weak internet gives rise to colossal issues. So, if the WiFi signals are weak, the Wi-Fi password issue will arise. In this case, you should try moving closer to the router and see if the password works.

4. Toggling The Airplane Mode

In some instances, the issue is caused because the device is facing some issues. In this case, it is better that you toggle the airplane mode. For toggling the airplane mode, just open the settings, go to network, and click on the airplane mode. It will switch on the airplane mode; hence the connections will be demolished. After waiting for some seconds, just click on it again to switch off the airplane mode and try connecting to the WiFi.

5. Rebooting

Here come the most important yet the most underestimated troubleshooting steps. This is because rebooting and restarting the devices fix up the minor software issues. In this case, you should reboot and restart all the devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, and router. Give them the rest of 30 seconds before you switch them back on.

6. Updates

If the CenturyLink WiFi password doesn’t work on any device, you need to make sure that the device is properly updated. For instance, if your phone or Windows isn’t updated to the latest version, it can lead to WiFi issues, given the limited support. So, you need to regularly look for updates and install them, so that you have a streamlined and uninterrupted internet connection.

7. Changing Password

So, the current password isn’t working on the device, and the connection is adversely impacted. According to the experts, changing the WiFi password tends to fix the issue. You might need to open the user interface of the modem and set a new password. Once you’ve changed the password, try the new password on different devices, and it will work properly!

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