Cox Complete Care Review 2022

cox complete care review
cox complete care review

Entertainment has become an absolute necessity during these times. If you have subscribed to the services, you would know about Cox. There are elite gamer services and contour stream player, which makes them streamlined. Similarly, Cox TV offers additional services, inclusive of Cox Complete Care. If you are considering the Cox TV service, we have added the Cox Complete Care Review to help you out!

Cox Complete Care Review

Cox offers the complete care service as the upgraded and additional support by paying $10 on a monthly basis. With this support service, the users and subscribers will get device troubleshooting, wiring for the services, and e resolution for the app bugs. In addition, it offers support to in-home tech services. But is it everything worth having? We have added everything that you need to know!

What Does It Do?

With Cox Complete Care, the customer support and care representatives will have remote access to the device, so that they can line out the potential issues that might be causing service interruptions. They will be able to understand the root cause by analyzing your device (remotely) and offer robust assistance. There are different capabilities involved with Cox Complete Care.

First of all, the customer agent can watch live video streaming from your phone and annotate video streaming. Secondly, they will send and receive the messages while empowering them to co-browse the websites. On top of everything, they can review the information and diagnostics about the device. All in all, they can push customized shortcuts and URLs.

For everyone who wants to access the Cox Complete Care services, they need to click on the connection code provided by the representatives. Moving forward, you will need to check the box because it offers consent and hit the connect button. But hey, should you hit that checkbox and give consent? Let’s find out!

Support Level

With the Cox Complete Care, the users can improve the support level, which means Cox will cover the prospective issues. Be it the fraying cables or software glitches; the service will cover everything. But when it comes down to the efficiency of customer support, the live chat option is pretty limited on the website.

We are saying this because the customer representatives tend to reply slowly, and even the answers aren’t satisfying. We are saying because their answers and solutions can be confusing and impractical. On the other hand, it is suggested that you directly call the staff.

Replying Time

We have already mentioned that the support staff is poor, but it is slow as well. With this being said, you will need to wait at least one or two days before getting the reply on email. For this purpose, it is better that you call the phone line because it will result in a lower holding time. Cox claims that they will offer 24/7 support services around the year, and we are pretty sure it is a lagging point.

Advanced Technical Support

The advanced technical support is offered through chat, phone, and remote access, but it doesn’t include the in-home advanced tech support. This support offers support for home electronics, such as system setups, configuration, connectivity, on-demand troubleshooting, enablement, synchronization, and customer awareness.

The advanced technical support offers support to PCS, Macs, and laptops, along with tablets and smartphones, irrespective of the operating system. In addition, the support is also available for gaming systems, televisions, entertainment devices, smart home devices, appliances, and other IoT devices.

Internal Wiring

In this vein, Cox will be responsible for the repair and replacement of the internal cables, inclusive of telephone wires. Even more, they will offer replacement of amplifiers, fittings, outlets, and splitters. In contrast, they will not offer replacement and repairing support for the damage caused by tampering, theft, hardware repairing, or homelife service.

The Downsides

There are some issues involved in the internal wiring sector because the support is limited for the wiring replacement and repairing. Besides, the speed of email replies can be pretty restricted. Even more, you will need to pay the usage fee of $75, which makes it pretty expensive. The bottom line is that this customer support isn’t suitable for people who tend to be tech-savvy.

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