Mediacom Customer Loyalty: How To Avail The Offers?

mediacom customer loyalty
mediacom customer loyalty

Mediacom is a great company with tons of cool offers for both new and existing customers. There are people who might believe that the new customers might be getting better offers than what they are already paying but that is just the surface. It might look like that to you because they need to attract new customers by offering them some sort of offers that might be too good to be true for you. However, they have great customer retention and they also keep offering some cool customer loyalty offers. A few types of offers that you might get with Mediacom are:

Mediacom Customer Loyalty

Package upgradation

The chances are slim, but you might be able to get a package upgradation sometimes. They can offer you to get a better package with more volume or speed at the same price that you are already paying. This is a perfect way to retain the customers and show them respect towards their loyalty to the brand. It has helped them retain hundreds of customers.

Promotional offers

They are also running some promotional offers at different times of the year that might be perfect for you. You can sign up for them and save a lot on the bill that you have actually been paying without such promotional offers. These offers tend to change according to Mediacom so you better stay aware of such offers by signing up to their newsletter or keep asking about them by contacting their support department.

Discounted renewal

You might also be able to get a discount upon your renewal. That means, you can keep the same package that you are already using for the services, with the same speed and data volume, but you will eventually have to pay a lot less than you were initially paying. This is another way to show customer loyalty for those customers who choose to renew their plan or contract with Mediacom.

Bundle offers

Bundle offers are also being offered by Mediacom that allow you to save some bucks if you subscribe to a bundle. If you are subscribing to a bundle, that means you are going to use their services for a long time and you are satisfied with the service. Hence, they offer a discounted price on the bundles usually to show their customer loyalty as well, and it is a win-win situation for everyone out there.

How to Avail?

You will need to contact the support department and specifically ask if they are offering any customer loyalty offers. They will be able to assist you with the right package and offers that might be suitable for you.

Things to keep in mind are that these offers keep changing throughout the year as there is not set policy that is released for the public or subscribers about these offers. You never know what sort of offer is valid for your area and services, so it is better if you ask them and keep insisting on something even better, they can offer to check all your options.

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    • Our Loyalty promotion just ended, and our bill went up 105$. I called customer service and they said that promotion isn’t available anymore, but they took off 37 dollars, so that is something. I’m on a fixed income. Not sure if there are any other alternatives. We have been with Mediacom for over 25 years. But call customer service

  1. No one wants me to actually leave a comment at this time because I’m furious so I am having a loyalty program and they’re supposed to call me back I’ll see how it goes

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