Vonage Lines Are Temporarily Busy: 3 Ways To Fix

vonage lines are temporarily busy
vonage lines are temporarily busy

Vonage Holding Corp. or also known just as Vonage is a business cloud communication provider. This service allows users to contact their relatives, friends, and colleagues by calling them over the internet. This can be amazing for people who want to make calls for a long period of time. Alternatively, for people who want to talk to someone who lives really far from them.

The main benefit of using this service is the packages provided by them are quite cost-efficient when compared to plain telephone services. However, while using the Vonage services you might sometimes get the ‘lines are temporarily busy’ error message. If you do then here are some ways you can use to troubleshoot.

Vonage Lines Are Temporarily Busy

  1. Reboot Device

If you have been using your device a lot lately then you should note that the memory on these devices usually stores up small bits of temporary data. This is usually stored to note your habits and give better performance. Although, if this keeps on piling up then your device can start to slow down and show error messages instead.

Considering this, the same thing might have happened with your Vonage device. The best method to get rid of this issue is to reboot your device. While the process for these might differ depending on the model that you are using. Most of these can be switched off from the power button behind them. Make sure that you keep your device switched for at least a few minutes before you start it up again. This will help in clearing up the cache on it.

  1. Busy Lines

The voice calls over internet technology used by Vonage might allow users to make calls through the internet. But one thing to note about these is that the tower available for this are quite limited. This is why if people are making calls in an area where there is only one tower nearby. Then their calls will all use the same tower to process the data and send all of the information.

This can make it really hard to get a stable call. Additionally, some people’s call might even fail and give an error message. The line in busy message is one of these. This is why you should try to wait for some time and once the load on a specific tower becomes low. You can then try to make your call again. Hopefully it should now work without any problem.

  1. Contact Vonage

If you are getting this error message whenever you try to make a call to someone. But you are still receiving calls just fine then there might be an issue with your account. The best way to deal with this is by contacting the support team for Vonage. Tell them about your problem in detail. They should then be able to fix your account or provide you with a procedure. Following their instruction should most likely fix anything that was wrong with your device.

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