3 Reasons You Are Facing Packet Loss Using CenturyLink

centurylink packet loss
centurylink packet loss

Packet loss through a network connection is inevitable. Whether if it’s a single packet that got lost or thousands of packets that stops your YouTube video into a never-ending buffering sequence. Packet loss will happen regardless of how fast your internet connection is supposed to be.

Therefore reading the Terms and Services of your ISP, you will notice that they never claim to provide a network connection with zero packet loss. The same thing can be experienced when subscribing to a Centurylink data package.

But unfortunately for some people, the data packet loss issue can get a lot more serious and nerve-wracking.

The reason? Well, in some corners of the United States the network infrastructure used by Centurylink is outdated and damaged. As a result, when data packets are transmitted from one router to the other, it’s fairly common for them to get damaged or lost within the outdated network due to network congestion. Because during peak hours when network traffic on the Centurylink WAN is high, it’s fairly easy for data packets to interfere with one another and sometimes block one another.

According to a statement released by Centurylink, their network system considers a packet to be lost when the latency exceeds 3 seconds. In simple terms, your computer sends a data packet that travels through your LAN to the WAN provided by Centurylink, wherein peak hours it will be stuck in a severe Data-traffic. When the waiting time exceeds 3 seconds, that data packet is deemed un-salvageable and your computer sends out another similar data packet. This process will repeat itself until the data packet is received on the other end. Thus you will face latency, low ping, data cutoff, and other network connectivity problems.

But sometimes, the culprit is not your ISP. Severe packet loss can happen due to faulty network equipment used within your local area network.

Below we have detailed a few reasons for data packet loss and their remedies.

Reasons You Are Facing Packet Loss Using CenturyLink

1. Centurylink compatible modems

According to Centurylink using modems that are compatible with their services will provide higher internet speeds. Whether this statement is true or false is most certainly debatable. But if you want to use one of these Centurylink compatible modems, you can check out the Centurylink website.

2. Subscribe to optical fiber package

Centurylink also offers an optical fiber package, but it’s not available in every region. If Centurylink has introduced a new optical fiber connection into your region and you are having data packet loss issues, we highly recommend you to upgrade to an optical fiber data connection package.

3. Issues related to your router

Before you start complaining to a Centurylink employee, it’s best to first eliminate your router as the culprit. You can do that by attempting a factory reset, checking for a new update, and power cycling.

Data packet loss can also occur due to damaged ethernet wires and ports. Make sure to change them if you notice any sort of damage.

If you are subscribed to a gigabit connection, make sure you are using the proper category ethernet cable.

Another thing to take note of is external interferences interrupting your router’s Wi-Fi signal. Make sure your router is placed in a location with minimum interference for optimal packet performance.

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