Optimum Copyright Infringement (Explained)

optimum copyright infringement
optimum copyright infringement

Copyright laws are taken very strictly in the US and you can face severe penalties upon failure to abide by any of these laws. With optimum providing, you access to tons of exclusive content such as movies, shows, and sporting events you are also bound by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) and other applicable laws towards all the content.


The violations are pretty basic to these laws, as people might not even be aware of these. This is why you should never be signing any contract before reading it thoroughly and even the fine print to avoid any troubles later.

The violations that one may commit knowingly or unknowingly are subjected to the severity of the case and will be considered by the Optimum management on case to case basis. However, you must be aware of the following.


You cannot copy any data or content that is being streamed on the Optimum channel. It is strictly prohibited to use any unfair means to copy the content in any possible form and it may cause you trouble in the longer run.


The content that you are getting access to through Optimum is meant to be broadcasted and streamed on your devices and network only. You might use the DVR to record any such data but you are not allowed to distribute any copies of that data for commercial or personal applications.


This one is the most severe of all, as you are not only breaking the DMCA for Optimum but also the original content creator who reserves all the publishing rights for the content. You cannot publish any content that you are streaming through Optimum on any public or private channel for any given reason.


If you are accused of copyright fragmentation by Optimum, your case will be studied in detail by them. They will be judging the deed based on several factors like your previous record, your intentions, your knowledge, and all that. But some penalties that you might get in case of failing to abide the copyright laws on Optimum are:


Optimum holds the power to suspend your subscription based on the proofs if you are a part of any such activity. They will send you a formal warning and your subscription will be suspended for a set period of time by Optimum. Be mindful that this suspension will not get you any sort of remittance as this will be a penalty for the action.


Optimum may also terminate your subscription based on the severity of your case. Be mindful that you will not be paid back any part of your bill if you have already paid for, and they hold the right to terminate you without notice. You will be issued a final disclaimer stating the reason and penalty.


If you have breached the copyrights acts severely, you might be facing a lawsuit by Optimum or the original content creator pursued by any legal action if you are found guilty.

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