Switching From AT&T To Metro PCS (Reasons)

switching from at&t to metro pcs
switching from at&t to metro pcs

Both AT&T and Metro PCS  are highly reliable among the USA telecommunication market. To avail the best flexibility, the users are provided with the option of switching from the services of AT&T to Metro PCS. According to most of the ex-AT&T users, it is a good switch for them as it benefited them with their monthly plans. While some had relatively bad experiences. We all know that both of these networks have their perks and downsides. Although, a bit change in using of services is not that bad. In this article, we have pinpointed all the relevant details for the readers to ponder upon while switching from AT&T to Metro PCS.

AT&T Company:

AT&T is one of the most well-known telecommunication companies in the USA. They provide endless services to their customers that include AT&T wireless, AT&T phones, AT&T data plans, and internet services, etc. its merger with the Metro PCS has been beneficial for many users as they become flexible with choosing and switching to various data plans, carriers by SIM cards, etc.

Metro PCS:

Metro PCS is powered by T-Mobile allocated for the United States. It is a prepaid brand that T-Mobile US owns. This broadband has recently accomplished it’s fifth-largest mobile telecommunications network whole nationwide. They offer low, fixed priced, and contract-less services that attract a large number of different carriers’ or devices’ customers. You are allowed to fit the Metro PCS services with numerous mobile phones including AT&T mobile.

Metro PCS And T-Mobile Merger:

Both the best-known companies, T-Mobile and Metro PCS have completed their merger earlier. We must say that the merger has greatly influenced the consumers to switch between their networks. The customers of both of these companies are encouraged to bring their unlocked AT&T iPhones, or Android smartphones to switch them to Metro PCS.

The Reason For Opting BYOP For A Switch:

However, one must bear this in mind that Metro PCS does not offer their specific phones of your choice. You are highly recommended to avail of the Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) services, which provides a smooth way for you to have the phone you need. All the purchases would be done within the affordable service Metro PCS offers.

Contact-Free Plans:

Metro PCS have contract-free plans. They do not subsidize your mobile phone devices. This is why bringing your own phone (BYOP) adds up an advantage for those consumers who want to switch to contract-free plans but are stuck with the pricing of subsidized phones.

Terms And Conditions For Switching From AT&T Carrier To Metro PCS:

When you are an AT&T mobile phone user, you would be having trouble changing your phone with another carrier, be it Metro PCS or Verizon. Although, if you have an unlocked device, there are chances of you being able to use it with Metro PCS. You will likely have the maximum leverage with changing and switching and carriers whatsoever when you have purchased an unlocked phone. Not only this, but the customers that have switched would also be able to keep their current telephone number within the option of “number portability.”

Thus, if your AT&T phone is not locked to Metro PCS, then you would only need to insert your Metro PCS SIM card to the phone. Although, if your AT&T phone is locked, you must contact Metro PCS to have it unlocked to switch. Besides, you can always browse to the Metro PCS “unlock portal”.

Steps To Switch From AT&T Pre-paid To Metro PCS:

Here is how you switch from your AT&T prepaid service to Metro PCS:

  • Navigate to the https://www.att.com/deviceunlock/. Besides, you can also contact Metro PCs.
  • File your request with “SIM Unlock”.
  • You will get the unlock code from AT&T.
  • Insert the Metro PCS SIM card on your phone.
  • Reboot and reopen your device.

Upon doing so, your device would be permanently unlocked for GSM/UMTS/LTE network of Metro PCS.

Steps To Switch From AT&T Phone To Metro PCS:

  • Dial 611 to contact your AT&T customer service.
  • Ask the AT&T to give you the account number along with the PIN.
  • Go to the Metro PCS store and show them the account number and PIN.

They will switch according to your requirements.

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