Hughesnet Modem Receive Light Blinking: 5 Fixes

hughesnet modem receive light blinking
hughesnet modem receive light blinking

With the incremented need for internet, the utilization of the right modem has become essential. Conversely, some people are having HughesNet modem receive light blinking issues and they have no idea what to do about it. So, we are sharing the meaning of this light, along with the troubleshooting methods!

Hughesnet Modem Receive Light Blinking – What Does It Mean?

In case you are using the HughesNet modem and don’t know what receive light blinking means, we are here to tell you. So, usually, the light means that the modem is struggling with hardware issues. It also means that the modem is not “activated” from HughesNet’s end. We have added the troubleshooting methods to help you fix the issue!

1) Cords & Cables

To begin with, you need to inspect all the cables and cords from the modem to the computer. You need to check the cables from the satellite as well. This is because loose cables can lead to interference that will impact the internet connectivity and receiver light issue. In case you outline the physical damages in the cords and cables, you will need to replace them and the service will be improved a great deal.

2) Modem Troubleshooting Testing Software

If changing the cables and cords didn’t work out for you, you need to use the testing software because it can fix the majority of the issue. In this case, you need to open the system control center and click on the connectivity test tab. This tab will be under the diagnostic utilities. Pressing this option will check the connection as well as the modem to ensure there are no impending issues. Even if there are issues, this troubleshooter will fix the issue.

3) Reset

In addition to running the troubleshooting testing software, you can try resetting the modem. These modems are usually designed with the reset button at the bottom side or the back. So, you need to locate the reset button on the HughesNet modem and use the gem clip or needle to press this modem. You need to keep pressing this button and it will shut off the lights. Once the reset is complete, take out the power cable for rebooting the modem. When the modem switches on, the light issue will be gone.

4) Dish

If resetting didn’t work out the blinking light issue on HughesNet modem, there are chances that something is wrong with the internet satellite dish. With this being said, you need to check the screws because they must be secured and tight in place. In addition, make sure the satellite dish is at the right location because if the dish is not at the right service location, connectivity and light issues will occur. So, check the right location!

5) Replace The Modem

If nothing seems to fix the receive light blinking, we suggest that you replace the modem. This is because the hardware issues can either be fixed through repairing or you may need to replace the modem. With this being said, you need to call HughesNet customer support and ask them to send the replacement modem.

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