8 Ways To Fix iPad Mini Slow Internet Issue

ipad mini slow internet
ipad mini slow internet

iPad Mini has become one of the prime choices for people who want laptop-like features on a tablet. This is why iPad Mini slow internet can be frustrating because it impacts usage and productivity. To be honest, it’s not a complicated issue because we have shared the fixes for this issue!

iPad Mini Slow Internet

1) Reboot

Rebooting can resolve the issues more than you can imagine. So, if the iPad Mini has a slow internet issue, you need to reboot the iPad. For rebooting, you need to press the power button until the “slide to power off” option appears on the screen. Then, slide this slider on the iPad Mini, and it will switch off the iPad Mini. After a few seconds, just press the power button again, and the iPad Mini will switch on. As a result, the internet connection will be streamlined.

2) DNS

Sure, you are using the iPad Mini, so you would think that sticking by default iOS default is better. However, if a slow internet issue occurs, you could switch to Google DNS. For this purpose, you need to open the settings, move to the Wi-Fi tab, and look for your Wi-Fi connection. Then, click on the “I” button and click on DNS. Further, you will need to delete the DNS and type in Once you change the DNS settings, choose the network, connect to the internet, and you will be able to connect to iPad Mini.

3) Network Settings

If changing the DNS settings on iPad Mini doesn’t resolve the slow internet issue, you could reset the network setting. Resetting the network settings on iPad Mini is one of the most effective ways for fixing weak internet signals or slow internet. For resetting the network settings, open the settings, go to the general tab, and press on the reset option. Then, tap on reset the network settings option. After resetting the network settings, enter the Wi-Fi credentials again, and the connection will be streamlined.

4) iOS Updates

in the majority of cases, the internet speed gets slow on iPad Mini because of dated iOS. Apple launches the iOS updates for fixing bugs and network issues. With this being said, you will need to update the iOS on your iPad Mini and make sure it’s the latest version. For checking the iOS update on iPad Mini, open the settings, move to the general tab, and hit on the software update. As a result, the software update will be downloaded and installed on the iPad Mini. Once done, the network will be streamlined.

5) System Repair

If you are still unable to fix the slow internet issue with iPad Mini, we suggest that you opt for the iOS system repair. There are various software solutions available that can fix the iOS system, hence a better internet connection. Similarly, when you use the system repair solutions on iPad Mini, it will fix the slow internet issues without any restoration.

6) Distance From The Router

When it comes down to the slow internet issues, you need to be mindful of the router. This is because if you are using your iPad Mini while being too far away from the router, it can result in slow internet issues. For this purpose, we suggest that you move closer to the internet router and make sure there are no blockages. As a result, the internet connection will be streamlined.

7) Router Reboot

Rebooting the router will solve the weak internet signal issues. This is because rebooting the router tends to refresh the internet signal that fixes the slow internet. So, just unplug the router by taking out the power cord and keep it powered off for around ten minutes. Then, plug in the power cord again, and it will refresh the internet signals. As a result, the slow internet issue will be resolved.

8) Wi-Fi Extender

If you are struggling with a slow internet issue on iPad Mini because you are too far away from the router, we would suggest moving closer to the router. On the contrary, if you cannot move the router, you can opt for the Wi-Fi extender. This is because the Wi-Fi extender increases the internet signal coverage, hence better internet speed on iPad Mini. If nothing fixes the slow internet issue, just get in touch with the internet service provider, and they will provide better troubleshooting!

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