Hotspot Shield Has Detected An Internal Error: 6 Fixes

hotspot shield has detected an internal error
hotspot shield has detected an internal error

With increasing internet consumption, security issues are constantly rising. That’s to say, because people are constantly worrying about the hacks and cybersecurity threats. This is one of the reasons why people are opting for VPNs, and Hotspot Shield is one of them.

That being said, the “Hotspot Shield has detected an internal error” issue has been bugging some users. Let’s see how this can be resolved!

Hotspot Shield Has Detected An Internal Error

1) Reinstall

First of all, we suggest that you delete Hotspot Shield from the device. This is an important troubleshooting method because the app/software might have an incorrect configuration. The incorrect app configuration will restrict the app operations and functionality. For this purpose, it’s best to delete Hotspot Shield.

Once Hotspot Shield is deleted from the device, switch off your device, and wait for five minutes. Then, switch on the device and reinstall Hotspot Shield. As a result, we are certain that the error will be removed.

2) Cache

Many people don’t understand, but the cache is the real issue. This is because the excessive cache of the app will result in such errors. That being said, you will need to remove the cache for the Hotspot Shield app. For this purpose, you need to open settings on your phone, move to Hotspot Shield app, and press on the “clear cache” option. Once the cache is removed, the app will start functioning optimally.

3) Memory Issues

If the Hotspot Shield isn’t working and the internal error appears, it’s likely that there are memory issues. We are saying this because low memory on the device might install the app, but it will restrict proper functionality. Once the device has ample storage, Hotspot Shield will start working optimally. We suggest that you delete the unimportant apps from the device.

4) Update

The apps and software must be updated to ensure streamlined functionality. The updates are important because they fix the bugs and errors that can adversely influence the app’s functionality. That being said, look for the Hotspot Shield updates on the default app store of the device. In case the update is available, download it on the device, and the app will work fine without any errors.

5) App Compatibility

If the app is not compatible with the operating system of your device, Hotspot Shield will not work optimally. In case you were using Hotspot Shield without any issue before the update, there are chances that the app update isn’t compatible. That being said, we suggest that you install the previous version of Hotspot Shield.

6) Additional VPN Or Proxy Service

We understand that you are too paranoid about the security, which is why you have installed various proxy services or multiple VPNs at a time. However, it’s not suggested to use multiple VPNs while using Hotspot Shield. That being said, if you have enabled other VPNs or proxy services with Hotspot Shield, turn them off. Once they are disabled, we are pretty sure that the error will be fixed.

Also, while you are using Hotspot Shield, don’t forget to switch off the firewall on your device. This is an essential point to consider because a firewall can interfere with the VPN connection.

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