Avast Internet Security vs Premier- Which One Is Better?

avast internet security vs premier
avast internet security vs premier

The security and safety provided by the Avast Internet Security are more trusted than any other company; its versions include Avast Internet Security and Premier.

The Avast company ensures better security for all of us. The building reasons by which Avast is doing much better is that they see and react too much more data from a wide range of users, which helps them provide better protection. The first version of Avast is free.

The free version does not need any subscription; all you need to do is to download the antivirus into your device. However, to get better and graded versions that would work for your device in the ultimate way you would need to pay.

Functions Of Avast Antivirus Software:

The purpose of the Avast antivirus is to provide internet security to your device. Avast performs following functions promptly:

1. Blocking Viruses And Malware:

Avast tends to capture and detect the ransomware, viruses, malware, and other threats to your device in real-time.

2. Scanning Wi-Fi Security Weaknesses:

Avast antiviruses fight to intercept the intruders and other weaknesses in your computer system and the network.

3. Secure Passwords:

It keeps the tracks of your passwords by locking them up in their vault, enabling them to login with a single click.

4. Helps You Avoid Fake Sites: 

Your banking info and passwords are safe with Avast Internet security; it keeps you aware of fake sites for many purposes, i.e., shopping, surfing, banking, etc.

5. Suspicious Apps Controlling:

 Avast makes sure if any App is suspicious via the Sandbox before you run them over your device.

6. Hackers Locking With Firewall:

Avast makes sure that the hackers and scammers are away from your system, and are not sneaking into your files and personal data.

7. Blocking Email Spam And Phishing:

Avast internet security serves you in the best way to keep your inbox free from spam and phishing emails.

8. Extra Layered Ransomware Security:

Your files, data, and images are safe from the encryption by the hackers.

9. Prevents Webcam spying:

Avast makes sure to keep you safe from strangers to looking into your activities via the webcam.

10. Shredding Files For Security:

Avast lets you have a safe and secure cyber environment by deleting your recent personal files to make sure that unknown peeps do not recover them.

11. Automatic Updating Of Apps:

Avast Internet security automatically updates the older versions of your apps to reduce down the risk of security.

Avast Internet Security vs Premier

What Are The Differences Between Avast Internet Security And Premiere?

Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier, both of them, are well-made choices for you to have better protection of your computers and mobile devices from the possible viruses and malware attacks.

Both of them work perfectly when it comes to protection and seeking security from the viruses in any system, be it a laptop, phone, and other electronic gadgets.

By carrying out several tests, it is pretty clear that the Avast earned up to 98% for protecting the system from getting infected with the malware and other malicious downloads with the popping up of the warning messages. By visiting a safe site, the icon attached to the Avast turns green.

Interruption of Malware downloads is encouraged, and the threat warning is given out, such as Trojan or rootkit. With the help of a secure deleting option, most of the threats are automatically eliminated from the system without hitting up.

However, Avast has missed a few virus downloads. But not to worry as they got saved back into the virus folder to get scanned thoroughly. Most of the files got double-checked before getting deleted.

It is to make clear that the Avast directly does not have a free antivirus program; one needs to pay for it, which comes up with extra security tools. Those tools include the firewall for you to monitor your device.

However, Avast Premiere has it, which monitors the internet connection to check if anyone is spying on you and your system and gathering your personal information. The firewalls also make sure if someone is piggybacking the collection you own, which makes your internet connection lag.

Avast internet security has a vulnerability scanner of paid versions. This feature helps in securing the personal data in a much-advanced way as compared to the outdated software and, in turn, makes them much effective. You know that they are the weak and vulnerable points for the ransomware and viruses to attack.

With the well functioning Avast Premier, one can have direct access to the safe banking tools which are responsible for hiding your personal and sensitive information such as credit card numbers and bank account numbers while your online transactions when you pay bills.

Unlike Avast Internet security, Avast premiere secures you by monitoring the attached webcam so no stranger can approach you without your consent. It is better to purchase Avast Premiere to have Avast VPN downloaded too.

However, if we talk collectively, we would say that Avast Internet security and Premiere both are lacking parental control while surfing the internet in a child’s computer device. The storage issues would be giving you the tough time to cope with the cyberbullies your child might be facing.

However, both of the Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier grant you access to Avast Mobile Protection as well which you can surf on the mobile phones and tablets.

Though you would need to download the particular application for mobile phones to have a security system rather than being stuck in a single program, this logic gives us a clue that when you get added protection for the mobile phone devices, majority of the security tools and features are not available for the mobile devices just like they are for the PCs or laptops.


To wrap up the description, we have learned that Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier might be lacking a few critical security concerns. For example, you would need to arrange or set up a separate program for your mobile device. However, the good news is that a personal firewall and vulnerability scanning features are included.

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