AT&T Microcell Not Working After Power Outage (7 Ways To Solve)

at&t microcell not working after power outage
at&t microcell not working after power outage

When the AT&T users are suffering from the dropped calls, prolonged or pretty stuck text messaging as well as the slow internet speed, and AT&T Microcell comes to the rescue and plays its part like a mini-cell tower. This service from the AT&T company provides the maximum strong inside the home or office to let you use the internet with maximum bars. Moreover, this AT&T facility offers the best network coverage for talking and texting on 3G. Unfortunately, it is quite possible that your internet can go down and a power outage can occur any time with your AT&T Microcell. There are several factors for it to happen. Some include rough weather conditions while power outages can be the result of the network maintenance or something similar.

Eligibility Criteria To Use AT&T Microcell:

One thing to keep in mind that not every AT&T customer can use their Microcell. AT&T prepaid customers are not supported to use the Microcell facility. Thus, the most basic requirement for using AT&T Microcell and its Wi-Fi-C, is being a postpaid AT&T customer with a cellular verified account. Quite some time ago, the prepaid customers were eligible to use the AT&T Microcell for a while. However, the eligibility criteria evolved and now only postpaid customers can get the most out of the Microcell.

Coming towards the power outages, they are quite frequent when you are using AT&T services. Most of the time people keep the Microcell to avoid sudden slowdowns and outages. But what the users do when their Microcell is not working to help you get out the power outage situation.

AT&T Microcell Not Working After Power Outage (Ways To Solve)

Power outages are fairly common to experience while you are using AT&T services. Once in a while, your Microcell stops working with it too. Carrying out the following solutions might be helpful for you to prevent the power outage at the beginning:

  1. Avoid Direct Microcell Connection:

To help prevent the power outage at the unnecessary hours, make sure that your Microcell never stays connected to the computer directly. There might be so many other issues that AT&T can be involved in. however, the direct connection might heat the devices and result in a prolonged power outage.

  1. Replace Outdated Equipment:

Moreover, make sure to use the upgraded equipment. As sometimes updated and old equipment can result in a major outage that can only be fixed with the arrival of updated equipment.

  1. Check Your Connected Devices:

Mostly, the main issue lies with the Microcell is due to the improper arrangement and connection of the devices within a network. Try to disconnect the devices at first. Wait for few seconds and then connect them back. Doing so could make your AT&T Microcell work quite efficiently.

  1. Check Your Internet Speed:

Sometimes the speed that your internet service provider is giving does not match with your AT&T Microcell due to which the performance of your microcell gets badly affected. Try to conduct a test of your internet speed online to match with the speed that you have opted for.

  1. Relocate Your Wi-Fi Router:

The wrong location of your Wi-Fi router can fail to generate strong signals to supply them to microcells. This is why your Microcell performance goes down or sometimes out. Make sure you keep your Wi-Fi router somewhere close to fresh air.

  1. Check Your Wi-Fi Connection:

When your internet servers are down, then there is no way that Microcell will reach the AT&T Mobility Servers as it requires a robust internet connection. There are chances that your Wi-Fi router is broadcasting a signal. However, if your internet server is down, your Wi-Fi would be down too and so will be your AT&T microcell.

  1. Check Your AC Adaptor:

After trying out the above-mentioned solutions, quickly check your AC adapter with a voltmeter. The reading should be 16VDC +/- 0.5 without any load. There are quite the chances that the power outage either overheated the adapter or the Microcell. If your Microcell is damaged, quickly replace it as it can’t be fixed or used again.

Moreover, AT&T has also discontinued offers for the Microcell users that can be availed at the end of the year.

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