How To Get An Open NAT Type On Xbox One Using AT&T

how to get an open nat type on xbox one using a at&t
how to get an open nat type on xbox one using a at&t

Being a gamer is one of the best things about life because you experience thrill and adventure without leaving your space. Well, that counts if you are an introvert. Given the gaming subject, it’s needless to say that people have been taking gaming as a career, and they are pretty much acing it. Now, the platforms used for showing off the gaming skills differ.

Some people like t play mobile phone games, but some of them crank up the notch with Xbox One. But the platforms like Xbox One demand robust internet connection, and that’s the probable reason you opted for AT&T mobile network. However, people have been struggling with connection issues with open NAT type. So, in this article, we are sharing everything you need to know about NAT and establishing a connection. Have a look!

NAT is the name for Network Address Translation, and it defines the ease of connection in the game when you want to connect with other players. In other words, it will help you connect with the players who promise an enjoyable gaming experience.

Understanding NAT Types

Many people connect their Xbox One with the NAT, and if the network and connection are interrupted, your first instinct should be to check the NAT type. We are saying this because NAT impacts the router connection with the devices and the internet as well. In the same vein, the IPv4 addresses are the most common yet integral ones.

In some cases, NAT is used to record the requests made by the devices and router in the form of the log. Then, the request reaches the web, and the router will be given a response. In this setting, NAT is responsible for ensuring that the sent request is reaching the correct device. NAT is basically responsible for ensuring easy connectivity with the players. There are basically three types of NAT available, such as;

  • Open NAT – This is the ideal case scenario that allows the users to connect with players and chat with them all along. In addition, it helps in organizing the multiplayer games if the other players are using the open NAT as well
  • Moderate NAT – This might not be the ideal NAT type, but it is readily available. This NAT lead to slow connections, and the game lags increase as well. Also, there are no multiplayer gaming options
  • Strict NAT – This has to be the worst option out there because it only establishes the connection with people who are using a similar NAT type. In addition, the game and chat connection won’t be optimal either. Also, the device disconnections will be higher too

Importance of Using Open NAT With Xbox One

Every Xbox One and Xbox Live user has come across the leniency of different NAT types, and they are basically about the compatibility with other players. When you are using the open NAT, the Xbox Live experience will be improved significantly, and the optimal goal of the best connection will be achieved with open NAT. With this notion, it is essential to outline that establishing the open NAT connection can be difficult for some.

How To Get An Open NAT Type On Xbox One Using AT&T

UPnP Gaming

When the open NAT becomes too difficult, port forwarding can be conducted to ensure the highest standards of optimal connection. With UPnP, the port forwarding will be automatic, so you don’t have to worry about the manual processes. UPnP will allow the console to send the port request, rather than manually entering the numbers.

If you want to switch on the UPnP while playing Xbox One, you will need to follow some steps. The setup is pretty simple, and we have outlined basic guidelines in the section below. So, start following the steps and create a seamless connection with other players in no time!

  • Go to the router login page
  • Add the required details and credential
  • Click on the login button, and you will gain access
  • Go to the UPnP menu on the router
  • Switch it on
  • Now, save the changes that you’ve made

These are the settings for router and login, but for the Xbox One, the steps are different, such as;

  • Open the Xbox One app and navigate to the settings
  • Click on the Network tab
  • Choose the test NAT tap menu

It will bring on the open NAT!

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