Tep Wireless vs Skyroam: What’s The Difference?

Tep Wireless vs Skyroam
Tep Wireless vs Skyroam

Internet services have become a part of our lives. We practically depend on the Internet for multiple purposes. Whether you’re communicating with your office colleagues or discussing business with your client, whether you’re talking to your family or chitchatting with a group of friends, whether you’re enjoying your time or taking online classes, the Internet is the basic requirement for doing everything in this high tech world that we are living in.

We need the internet not only when we’re home alone but wherever we go. This leads us to choose the best international hotspot service provider between Tep Wireless VS Skyroam. To make a perfect decision you will need some help. Let’s learn about these while we’re at it.

Little Overview about Both

Both the companies, Tep as well as Skyroam, offer their Hotspot internet services via small portable devices. Skyroam provides their 3G internet services on rents and their 4G/LTE services via Solis device which is available for both, buying or rental purposes.

On the other hand, Tep offers it’s internet services via their hotspot device called Teppy. It comes with both options, either you want 3G or 4G facilities. The portable Teppy device is capable of providing internet connection to a maximum of 5 users at a time

Differences between Tep Wireless VS Skyroam

Considering all the similarities between these two you’ll be shocked to see the article listing so many points of differences. So let’s get started without wasting time.

Coverage Area

Besides US, Australia, Israel, and most of Europe, there are few areas that are covered by Skyroam but not Tep and similar on the other side. Skyroam covers the country of Iraq but Tep doesn’t. On the other hand, Tep provides coverage in several locations that are not covered by Skyroam including The Caribbean Islands, Gibraltar Isle of Man Mayotte Reunion, and Tunisia.

Battery Life

The Skyroam’s hotspot Device, Solis, can also be used as a power bank of 6000mAh power. It is capable of connecting up to 5 different devices to Internet services at once. The Solis device usually lasts up to 16 hours, without being used as a power bank, on a single charge.

The Tep Wireless device, known as Teppy, can last up to 6 hours on a single charge and it is also used to connect 5 devices to the internet at the same time.

Data Limitations

All the Hotspot devices must follow the rules of international data roaming. According to this, the amount of data used as 4G services by the subscriber is limited as per day basis.

Therefore, both companies restrict 4G usage up to a total of 500mbs/day. Then it is reduced to unlimited 2G or 3G service. However, the TEP Wireless has played a smart move in this case. They let you double your data package of 4G services for $1.95/day. This data adds an additional 500mbs into your package working at 4G speed.

So Tep Wireless clearly wins this battle of Data Capping by offering an extra 500mbs of 4G internet services which Skyroam simply does not.

Additional Services and Perks

Tep Wireless offers some additional services besides the usual internet data packages. Such extra features are not provided by Skyroam so it loses one point here. The additional services offered by Tep Wireless include the following features:


This is a somewhat protection feature built to ensure the security and well being of all the service users. It is a kind of SMS based service designed for emergency situations. It continuously checks-in on you from time to time while you are traveling by monitoring the frequency of your reply to the scheduled text messages. If you fail to reply to any text, Kitestring is responsible to alert your emergency contacts.

2. Free of Cost Concierge:

A Concierge service, which is free of cost provided by the Tep Wireless, connects you to the locals through their private TEP+ App. There you can ask about any of your queries or if you want any recommendations like what to do or where to go, which are the best places to eat and drink, and where to spend your time.

3. Built-in VOIP

The extra features also include the built-in VIOP phone as well as the SMS services which work through their official app. You can enjoy communicating with your friends and family members living abroad at cheap international calling prices that are as low as $0.01 per minute.

4. In-Flight Wi-Fi services

Wi-Fi connection offers you free in-flight internet services whenever you’re using American Airlines, Etihad, Lufthansa, and Air Lingus.

Pricing and Data Cost

The prices of data plans offered by both the two companies are pretty alike but with a little bit of twist. Tep Wireless has always been consistently cheaper than Skyroam. The daily data plan offered on Teppy costs $8.95 a day if you’re renting whereas the same daily data plan on Skyroam’s Solis device costs $9.95 per day.

The daily data plans when accounted for a longer period of time tend to contribute to a huge price difference between Tep Wireless VS Skyroam even if you already own the device. But separately considering the price of the devices, the Tep Wireless device is about $20 cheaper than Solis device.


Comparing both the Hotspot options Tep Wireless VS Skyroam, it depends upon yoit priorities to decide who holds the superior position. Being a female, I really like the security feature the Tep Wireless is offering in the form of Kitestring. But Skyroam’s Solis definitely provide a better battery life span and a longer usable time.

So if you’re someone who travels a lot and doesn’t get much time to charge your devices, you should definitely go for the Skyroam because of the superior battery life of Solis. Although there is another option of buying a separate power bank and keep it with you all the time so you can charge your devices whenever you want.

This is all you need to know to choose an Internet Hotspot device that best suits your needs.

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