Why VPN Keeps Disconnecting? 7 Ways To Fix

Why VPN Keeps Disconnecting
Why VPN Keeps Disconnecting

Online security has gained much more popularity among other things with the passage of time and it really has become important for many businesses as well as individuals. The majority of people are increasingly taking interest in making their Wi-Fi networks and Internet connections much more secure. This results in increasing usage of various VPN services provided in the market for your digital devices. It is a strong belief among people that a VPN plays a major part in your data security and privacy.

VPN services greatly provide protection and security in terms of any potential data breaches or against legal or illegal surveillance and other different cyber threats. But most of you must have experienced a sudden drop in the VPN server while using the services. “Why VPN keeps disconnecting?” This is the most frequent question asked by the users irrespective of which VPN server you are using. Whenever the VPN server is disconnected suddenly right in the middle of functioning, the request is denied to load the desired webpage and all go for nothing.

Why VPN Keeps Disconnecting

VPN Disconnection Issues

Your Android smartphone is the one thing that you value more than anything else. It’s not just a phone but it means the world to some people. Majority of the smartphone users depend on their phones for many different purposes besides communication. They use their mobile phones for handling office work or capturing the best moments of their life or listening to their favorite songs or reading stories and articles.

It should be noted that all these activities desperately need internet access and with that comes an uncertainty of your activities being monetized by someone out there completely unknown to you. Cyber-security has gained much importance over the passage of time and VPNs have become the quickest and easiest way of overcoming this fear of the unknown. But if the VPN is designed to establish a safe and secure internet connection then why VPN keeps disconnecting? It is worth knowing the reasons for disconnection if you frequently experience this issue at random intervals.

Why VPN Often Disconnects?

Virtually, it is a common observation that the VPN is responsible for slowing the internet down. But the issue of the internet connection is suddenly dropped right in the middle of a function, due to VPN disconnection, which is extremely irritating. This sudden disconnection poses high data breaching threats. Your precious data might get lost or it can disrupt the file synchronization.

VPN disconnection can be caused by using some outdated version of the operating system or due to the disruptive connection type.

Troubleshooting VPN Disconnection

The VPN software basically depends upon the Internet connection that you’re using as well as the capability of your device to run the VPN along with establishing a stable connection to the Internet. It is obvious that if something happens to your Internet connection, VPN service is also affected which breaks the connection and your device instantly disconnects.

This is usually due to a sudden drop in internet signals or when your device becomes unable to handle the load of running a VPN software because of Wi-Fi issues.

Below are some basic steps that you can take to tackle your issues as to why the VPN keeps disconnecting.

1. Change The VPN software

You can start by using a better VPN server of high quality like NordVPN or Express VPN. A different type of VPN might solve your disconnection issues.

2. Use the Latest Version

Always use the latest version of the VPN software that is being offered by the developers. Your VPN might be constantly disconnecting due to the outdated connection being established. You can download the latest version of Express VPN from their website.

3. Change Your Location

Try connecting to a different VPN server location. Your usual location might be overloading with network traffic and it might be causing your VPN to keep disconnecting.

4. Change VPN Protocol

VPN protocols are simply those methods by which your device establishes a connection to a VPN server. For the best experience, a protocol is automatically selected by the default. But if you are not able to connect to the ExpressVPN with the selected Automatic protocol, try changing the protocol of your VPN server. It might be the solution for your constantly disconnecting VPN services. Check if the VPN still disconnects after changing your VPN protocol.

5. Reinstall the VPN Software

Quit the VPN and get rid of the app by uninstalling it. It might be that the file could have been corrupted by a virus. Reinstall the app from a trusted source and Set up your VPN server.

6. Manual Configuration

If you are not comfortable with using the auto settings, you can connect the VPN via manual configuration. Just select a different ExpressVPN manually set up the configuration file to connect to Internet services.

7. Disable Power Saving Feature

If you are having constant disconnection issues with your VPN installed on your Android smartphone, you can try disabling that Power saving feature of your phone. Failure to establish a successful connection to the VPN servers might be due to that Battery saving issues which is automatically enabled by the device. To resolve this issue, you can try to disable the battery saving feature of your Android. Follow the following instructions in order to disable it.

  • Go to your Phone Settings
  • Tap on the App & notifications option.
  • Go to the Special access and there you’ll find the Battery Optimization option.
  • Click to ignore battery optimization.
  • Now select your VPN apps such as ExpressVPN.
  • Note: If you can’t find the name of your VPN application in the list, make sure that you are viewing the ‘All apps’.
  • Here, you can select the option which says your VPN is no longer optimized.
  • This way your VPN software will be removed from the list of battery-saving apps of your device.


These steps might be the solution to why VPN keeps disconnecting. Follow these instructions and if the issue persists, contact your VPN service provider for more guidance.

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