H2o Wireless WiFi Calling (Explained)

h2o wireless wifi calling
h2o wireless wifi calling

WiFi calling is one of the most innovative technologies being offered by cellphone carriers. It allows you to place and receive calls over the internet using their programming and an active WiFi network with great convenience and feasibility for you.

You can rely on WiFi calling to have your back even in the places where there is zero or less coverage for the signals. You won’t even feel the difference that you are not placing a call over a regular network but will definitely enjoy a clear, crisp voice quality with no network losses and issues of that kind. To know more about H2o Wireless WiFi calling, here is how it works and the benefits it has:


H2o is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that utilizes the AT&T network. A virtual mobile network does not have towers of their own and instead, they use towers rented from other network carriers. Since H2o uses towers from AT&T, their call and voice services are impeccable with strong coverage all over the US. Although there are some issues that can be caused by these MVNO, their overall service quality is pretty fine and offers you some cool packages at most affordable rates that are not possible otherwise.

H2o Wireless WiFi Calling

Since every other carrier is providing Wi-Fi calling to their consumers in the US, it is not a good idea to refrain from it if you want to get new customers or to retain your existing customers. That is one of the core reasons that H2o has extended its services and is offering WiFi calling to all their consumers using the AT&T network.

If you are not sure as to what value it would bring for you and how you can compare it with other services, here is a brief idea on packages, service quality, and specifications that you must have a look at before making any decisions.

Call Quality

Not all the customers are satisfied with the voice call quality of H2o. It is a budget carrier, that utilizes some power of AT&T tower, so you cannot compare it with a premium network carrier such as Verizon or AT&T.

But, if you are stuck with a plan that you have signed with H2o and want to make it work, WiFi calling would be the perfect option for you to sign up for. Wi-Fi calling on H2o covers the basic flaws that can be faced with their regular voice calling service so you can enjoy a better call experience without any lags, signals loss issues, or dysconnectivity.


Since WiFi calling is connected through the internet, the speed and quality of the call depending on your internet connection mainly. However, H2o is a budget carrier that does not put much strain on your pocket. Rather than choosing a premium cellular carrier you can opt-in for a budget carrier that is offering these services and experience the same top-notch WiFi calling on H2o as well. This is going to save you lots in the long run as WiFi calling is often cheaper for long-distance calls as well.

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