Arris Modem Ethernet Port Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix

arris modem ethernet port not working
arris modem ethernet port not working

Arris manufactures network equipment of the highest quality. Their flagship products are amongst the top devices in the market nowadays. That makes acquiring Arris modems a solid option if you are looking for performance over affordability. 

With exquisite features, designed to deliver top-performance internet connections, Arris modems are fast and reliable. The manufacturer also seems to hold durability in high regard, producing devices with some of the longest lifetime in the market.

However, Arris modems, even with all the exquisite features and the longer lifetime, are not completely safe from problems. As it goes, some users have been complaining to experience issues with the Ethernet ports of some of Arris modems. 

Arris modems are fast and reliable but not completely secure from problems

Not even the most recent modems are safe, as they have also been reported to experience problems. If you are also going through issues with the Ethernet ports on your Arris modem, check the list of easy solutions we brought you today. 

We hope that, by going through the list, you will find a suitable solution and enjoy the outstanding quality of internet connection only a modem with the quality of an Arris can deliver.

How To Fix Arris Modem Ethernet Port Not Working?

Ethernet ports are the components responsible for establishing connection

Ethernet ports are the components responsible for establishing that kind of connection. Even though many users prefer wireless connections, due to their easier installation and lack of accessory components, such as cables, many users opt for Ethernet connections

That is because, even though the Ethernet connection does not enjoy the multiple connection aspects a wireless connection does, it delivers higher stability. Also, the latest Ethernet connection technologies have enhanced the speeds of connections by more than an arm’s length.

With new technologies of Ethernet cables, users can even navigate faster than with most wireless connections, which makes the first a more attractive option for high-end users. When we say high-end, we mean streamers, gamers, or users who frequently transfer large files.

So, if you are amongst these users, the latest Ethernet connection technologies should deliver the best performance. However, if you are having problems with the Ethernet ports of your Arris modem, here is what you should do to fix them:

1. Make Sure Cables and Connectors Are in Good Condition

check your cable and make sure cables and connectors are in good condition

Cables and connections are as important to a proper connection as the signal itself. Most people don’t regard these components as so important, though.

In the end, they mostly find out their connections should be delivering much higher levels of performance with proper cables and connectors. Don’t make that mistake and inspect these components every now and then.

Not only their conditions, since damage to the cables or connectors are not the only aspect that can affect an Ethernet connection, but also if cables are properly plugged into the correct ports.

On the other hand, if you do notice any sort of damage to any of the cables or connectors, make sure to get them replaced. Apart from being one of the cheapest components of an Ethernet connection, repaired cables rarely deliver the same level of performance as new ones.

If the cable is in poor condition replace it as soon as possible.

In the end, you might spend money fixing them and still get the same results, but with a reduced lifetime. That means you will end up having to get replacements anyway.

In order to check the condition of the Ethernet cable, simply attach it to a different device and run a connection test.

In case the connection with the second device works as it should, then the cable is indeed in good condition. If not, get it replaced as soon as possible. Connectors, however, can be a little trickier to check, as they also have an inside part that requires opening up the device.

So, if the connectors are not displaying any visual signs of damage, make sure a professional checks the inside part, unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Also, the attempt from the user might void the warranty and end up costing more.

2. Make Sure the Ethernet Port Is Clear

Make Sure the Ethernet Port Is Clear

It might happen that, due to the absorption of carbon particles, the metal connectors in the Ethernet port may lose contact with the cable. This will definitely lead the connection to suffer performance drops, so make sure the connectors are clear.

If you notice they are not as clear as they should be, get a soft brush or cloth and use some alcohol or CTC to clear them. We strongly recommend you clean with extreme care, as the components might be damaged, and the Ethernet port may have to be replaced.

So, in case you don’t feel able to perform the cleaning, make sure to get professional help. They may even have easier ways to clear the metal connectors than the DIY solutions you may find on the internet.

3. Give The Modem A Restart

try restart your Arris modem maybe the problem can be solved by doing that

In case you inspect the cables, and connectors and make sure the ports are not obstructed but the Ethernet port is still not properly working, your next move should be to restart your Arris modem. Many so-called experts do not consider the restarting procedure an efficient problem-solver, but it actually is.

Not only does the procedure clear the cache from unnecessary or obsolete temporary files, but it also addresses minor problems the device might have regarding compatibility or configuration aspects.

Additionally, by restarting your Arris modem, you are giving it some time to breathe, which normally bears good results as well.

unplug power and let it rest for some minutes

So, go ahead and unplug it from the power outlet and let it rest for at least a minute or two before plugging it back in. Then, let it go through the booting diagnostics and protocols before running the connection tests. That should do it and your Ethernet port problem is likely to have been fixed with this simple solution.

4. Get To Arris Technical Assistance

seek profesional help to check your arris modem

In case you try all three solutions above and the problem with the Ethernet port of your Arris modem persists, there is one last easy move for you to make. Most users are not specialists and they might not be as acquainted with the range of problems a device may experience as trained professionals.

Therefore, seek their professional help and let them check your Arris modem for whatever may be causing the Ethernet port not to work properly.

Dealing with a variety of problems gives technicians a broader view of the situation and a higher knowledge of what could be causing the Ethernet port issue. Also, they have the proper equipment for the testing and repairing of whatever problem the device may be experiencing.

So, get to one of the thousands of Arris official technical assistance shops and bring your modem to be checked and repaired.

Lastly, in case your Arris modem has a deadly issue, you can get a new one on the spot and go home with a fully functioning device.

The Last Word

comments box below if you heard other solutions to arris modem

Finally, if you heard about other easy solutions for the Ethernet port issue with Arris modems somewhere, it would be a good idea to share them.

Use the comments box below to write to us and tell us all about what you found out. Also, with every piece of feedback, our community grows stronger and more united.

So, share that extra knowledge and help others deal with the same problem in a way that doesn’t involve headaches and disappointment!

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