Arris TG1672G WiFi Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix

arris tg1672g wifi not working
arris tg1672g wifi not working

Arris TG1672G is one of the best modems/routers that you can find out there in the market. These routers are certainly great, but the essential part that you need to know about this specific model is that it doesn’t have a native Wi-Fi interface as you might see on the modern routers out there, and these are essentially modems enabled with the router option.

So, you will have to configure them in the right manner. Here are a few options that you can try out if there is some issue and the Wi-Fi is not working for some reason.

Arris TG1672G WiFi Not Working

1) Check on the Wi-Fi enable the option

Well, firstly the thing that you need to check on is the Wi-Fi option and it should be enabled to make it work. Most people simply oversee that and keep going in circles with other troubleshooting steps that might make it more complicated than it is needed. So, you need to start there and login to the router admin panel where you can access the option. Make sure to enable the option, and if it has been enabled already, you need to toggle it off first and then turn it on again.

The best way to do this would be to turn it off first and save the settings. After that, you will need to turn it back on and then save the settings again. This should work out perfectly for you and you will never be facing the problem with your Wi-Fi again.

2) Restart the Modem

One more thing here to try out here is to run a power cycle on your modem/router. You will need to ensure that there are no temporary bugs or errors that might have caused you to face the problem and a power cycle is the best way to have them fixed. Rebooting will start all the hardware and software components on your modem from scratch and you will be able to make it work without any issues.

3) Reset the modem

Another thing that you can try out is resetting the modem and that way you will be able to make sure that you are not getting any conflicting settings on the modem admin panel that is stopping the Wi-Fi from working. So, reset the modem and that will fix up all the issues that you might be facing.

After you reset the modem to default settings, you will need to enable the Wi-Fi again and that will cause you not to have any sorts of issues with the modem enabling Wi-Fi ever again.

4) Contact Support

You will need to contact the Support department if nothing so far has worked for you. There might be some hardware issues or some issue with the firmware. So, you need to contact the Arris support department and take it up with them.

They will be able to assist you perfectly with the diagnosis and solving the problem, let it be hardware or software, and you can get it fixed up, or you can get the modem changed by them in no time at all.

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