Arris DG860 Review 2022- Is It Any Good?

arris dg860 review
arris dg860 review

Arris DG860 is the perfect thing that you can have to get your hands on the router/modem for all sorts of networking needs for your place. It might be the best thing that you can have for covering all the devices as it doesn’t only cover the Wi-Fi but also have some of those Ethernet ports at the back that will allow you to connect all the devices that you want on the network.

Arris DG860 is the best thing that you can use to enjoy the best networking and communication edge. The Arris Touchstone DG860A is the right, affordable choice for you and you will only have to get it fixed. If you are looking to get your hands on one, and you find yourself in a fix. Here are a few things that you will have to know before you make a purchase decision on getting the router for you.

Arris DG860 Review

1. Cost

Well, first things first and the router/modem is pretty affordable. You are not going to worry about the money and it is worth each penny that you will have to pay for them. So, if you are looking for a good performance router/modem that is not going to break your bank, then you should definitely be getting this one for yourself. This might not be much but can get the thing going for all the needs that one might have for a home with no extensive internet needs.

2. Size

Arris DG860 might not be the perfect thing for you to have if you are looking for something that is sleek, or if you want to adjust it on some tight space that you have on your desk. The router is pretty bulky with a thick design. You will have to clear up some space to get the router fixed. The design is not that great either and with all those ports at the back, you might end up covering more space than you should or you would want to have.

3. Design

Design is not that good either and it looks just like an ordinary plastic box that you can get off the market. Guess, they didn’t have the time to think much about the aesthetics or not much attention has been paid to that part. The build quality looks moderate and if you care about getting the aesthetically looking good devices for your desk to put on, then you might not like this one.

There are some lights and a power button on the front, but everything else from the ports to the power supply is on the back so that part is pretty much covered. You can install it under your desk or someplace like that so you can manage your cables and wires efficiently and make it work for you.

4. Speed

If you are not looking for some high-end online gaming, then there is nothing for you to be worried about and you can get this router for your home. It got up to 8 downstream channels that have the capability to run at 320Mbps and 4 downstream channels running at 120Mbps. This way, you can ensure that you are getting the perfect speed that you might be needing for the applications for your home. Not only that, but it can also support the needs for a small office so that you will not have to face any issues with the speed at all.

5. Connectivity

Connectivity on this router/modem is flawless and you are having to enjoy the perfect edge of networking and connectivity for you. It runs DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway so that you have a perfectly stable internet connection with no hiccups of any sort that might interrupt your networking experience. You also get to enjoy the Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n wireless access point and 4-point ethernet ports to connect all the devices wirelessly and wired as well. With this router/modem, there are not many things that you can get wrong.

Overall, this is a good router that you can get for your mid-ranged applications and make it work for your home or the office. The router is pretty solid and it will not die on you anytime in the foreseeable future.

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