Should You Keep Frame Burst On Or Off? (Answered)

frame burst on or off
frame burst on or off

Most people who want to have a good internet connection at their homes know that a good router is required. Not only will it help in providing signals all over your house but will also contain a number of features. Most newer models of routers coming out nowadays have a feature known as Frame Burst.

This can be named Packet Burst, Tx Burst, or Frame Burst depending on the company and model of your device. While the names for this feature vary from model to model, the overall purpose for them is the same. You can get access to this setting from the configuration files or the advanced router options on your device. This will also vary depending on the company.

What Does Frame Burst Do?

The frame burst feature on your device is made to improve the overall speed of your connection. Your system and the router usually transmit data between each other. This is then used to provide you with the websites that you want to access. The frame burst feature uses a technology that can break down these messages and also combine these down.

It also removes any additional messages that might have been repeating. This allows both your devices to send in data at a much faster rate while also saving bandwidth for you. While the time for your pages might not change much but most users will notice that the performance of their connection gets better after enabling this feature.

Issues with Flame Burst

You might be thinking why would someone want to switch this feature off if it provides a boost in performance. This is why you should note that while your connection will work much better, you might sometimes start to run into lag issues with this feature. This usually happens when there are a lot of devices connected to the same network as you.

The router has a hard time trying to send data through this feature and will end up prioritizing some devices over others. This means that all of your other devices will start having a slow internet connection and latency issues.

Frame Burst On or Off:

This usually depends on the usage of the user. But there are some things that you should note while thinking about enabling or disabling this feature. If you only use a few devices on your connection then this feature will boost the internet speed for you. However, if the number of devices that you use exceeds 5 then you should consider disabling it. Another thing to note is that some devices do not support this feature at the time.

You can check if your device can support the frame burst feature before you enable it. Aside from this, if you want to play online games on your connection, then you should disable the feature even if there are a few devices connected to it. This is because latency is an extremely important factor for online gaming. Lastly, you can also keep this feature enabled throughout the day but disable it if you start to get any problems.

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