6 Ways To Fix AMC Roku Not Activating

amc roku not activating
amc roku not activating

While Roku manages and provides you access to a lot of channels on the network, there are multiple channels that are managed by the network operators directly. AMC is one of those channels that allow you access to lots and lots of unseen content such as steaming behind-the-scenes interviews, exclusive extras and trailers before anyone else getting their hands on it. This is a great channel that does not require any login or whatsoever. Although, there can be some troublesome errors at times that will mess up your streaming experience. To fix the issues, here are some troubleshooting tips that you can try to make it work.

Troubleshooting AMC Roku Not Activating

1. Double Check Roku Account

The first thing you need to try in case you are not able to make AMC work is to check your Roku subscription. The channel does not require any specific logins at all but is directly linked with your Roku account. That is why you must have an active Roku account linked with your device at all times. If your account is not active with Roku, you will not be able to access or activate AMC and that can be a trouble. You need to pay the dues for the Roku subscription and activate it to keep using the services.

2. Re-log Roku Account

If you have checked your Roku account already and it is active, you will need to re-login your account. Be mindful that one account can be linked to as many devices as you want to, but one device can only be linked with one account at once. So, you will need to go to Account Settings in the device menu. Here you will get the option to de-register your device from the account under profile settings. Once you have done that, you will need to restart your Roku and then login again after it starts. This will activate the AMC for you without any troubles.

3. Restart Roku

Another thing that might work for you in case you have tried the above options and they are working fine is restarting your Roku. This will help you overcome any errors that might be stopping your Roku from working. Once you unplug the Roku, let it sit for a few seconds and then you can plug it back in and start using like before without any errors at all. This might sound a bit old-fashioned and inefficient to you but it does work most of the time.

4. Update Firmware

You might be running outdated firmware on Roku and that can cause you to have issues with multiple applications or some specific applications at a time. If that is the case, you will need to check for any firmware updates that have been released recently and you have not installed. Luckily, Roku provides you access to an easy to use interface that allows you to update your firmware with ease. All you have to do is open settings, go to the advanced settings folder, and click on System Updates. It will show you if your software is up-to-date or if you need to install an update. If you require an update, you can also install it manually from this option here.

It is recommended that you keep auto-updates on at all times to avoid such errors from occurring in the future and being on the safe side at all times.

5. Update/Re-install Streaming application

You will need to re-install or update the streaming application as an outdated version or one with any sort of bug that will cause you to have hindrance in your streaming experience. You can check the version of the application you are running from the applications menu and check if you need to update it. If it is all fine and you are already running the latest version, you will need to delete the application on your device and install it again. Be mindful to restart your device once before you install the application again to make it work in the right manner.

6. Contact Support

Support is your last hope and the best one too. They can take some time to diagnose the issue for you so you need to try the above steps first. If none of them work for you, you can contact support and it will work for you in no time at all.

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  1. I have been trying to activate AMC Plus for a while. I talk to Roku apparently someone other than me activate AMC Plus in July. How can I find out who it was and what their email was. Please respond I’m sick and tired of getting the runaround. Thank you b’wood Baker

  2. Have been trying to watch programming on amc+ and everyprogram I try watch comes back with player error code:-6. What is the problem, I have deleted and reinstalled did a system update all to no success. Can you explain what I need to do? All other streaming apps work perfect.

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