5GHz WiFi Not Showing Up On The Phone: 6 Fixes

5ghz wifi not showing up on phone
5ghz wifi not showing up on phone

Long gone the times when wireless connections were simple because the Wi-Fi connections have various terms to understand. That being said, the Wi-Fi connections range from 2.4GHz to 5GHz and can directly influence the internet connection speed.

So, if 5GHz Wi-Fi not showing up on the phone issue is causing issues for you, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods for you!

5GHz WiFi Not Showing Up On The Phone

1) Reboot

In the first place, you have to reboot the mobile phone because it can resolve the majority of internet connection and configuration issues. For rebooting the mobile phone, you need to switch off the mobile phone by pressing the power button. When the mobile phone switches off, wait for two to four minutes before you switch it on again.

When the mobile phone switches on, the internet connection will be streamlined and the 5GHz Wi-Fi will start working.

2) Clear Cache

If rebooting the mobile phone didn’t resolve the issue with the 5GHz internet connection, there are higher chances of cache buildup on the phone. This is because the cache buildup can hinder the performance and it can even lead to connectivity issues in some cases (you might be struggling with the same issue).

For this purpose, you have to open the recovery tab from the settings and clear the cache. Once the cache is cleared, 5GHz Wi-Fi is likely to start working!

3) The Correct Settings

When it comes down to the 5GHz Wi-Fi connections, the users need to be particular about the settings. In particular, you have to make sure that the 5GHz Wi-Fi connection is selected from the settings. So, open the settings on your phone and open the Wi-Fi tab. From the Wi-Fi tab, open the advanced settings, and choose 5GHz.

Many people keep this setting to automatic, but it’s not the right choice to make. So, choose the 5GHz option, and it will probably start working fine!

4) Router’s Support

If the mobile phone is not working or showing 5GHz Wi-Fi connection, there are chances that the router doesn’t support 5GHz Wi-Fi and is unable to deliver it to the phone. For this purpose, you will need to check the specifications of the router and see if it can support 5GHz connection. You can also research it by checking the model number on search engine platforms.

If the 5GHz connection is not supported, you have to change the router to make sure it’s available on the phone.

5) WiFi Adapter Settings

When it concerns using the 5GHz Wi-Fi connection, you need to be extremely mindful of the Wi-Fi adapter settings. The Wi-Fi adapter settings must be set to 802.11n mode, so it can transmit a stable wireless connection or internet signals. For this purpose, you will need to change the settings through the computer system.

6) Factory Reset

In case tweaking the Wi-Fi adapter settings don’t work, you will have to opt for the factory reset. The factory reset will delete the incorrect wireless or other system settings. However, the factory reset will delete all other settings and data, so create the backup of data. Once you have the data backup, just go for factory reset!

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