Compare 5GHz vs 2.4GHz For Gaming (Coverage & Stability)

5ghz vs 2.4ghz gaming
5ghz vs 2.4ghz gaming

5GHz and 2.4GHz are two frequencies of Wi-Fi signals that you can optimize using the router settings. But they are a lot more than just settings and offer tons off additional features and control that you can get depending on the type of frequency you have chosen. For extensive internet applications such as gaming, it is always recommended to use ethernet for the best possible speed and consistency on the network. However, if you must use Wi-Fi for gaming, you must know about the following aspects.

5GHz Vs 2.4GHz for Gaming

For gaming, you require additional and enhanced speed on your Wi-Fi network. Since 5GHz offers the best possible speed that you can get on your internet connection and from your router, it is always recommended for you to choose 5GHz for your gaming needs. While 2.4GHz might work for you as well for light gaming and regular internet stuff, but if you are into online games that require extensive internet usage, you must choose 5GHz Wi-Fi from the settings to have a seamless experience.

Since we have established that 5GHz is the best choice for your gaming on any given day. You must also understand the reasons and factors that are involved behind the fact and that would allow you to make a better choice for your gaming. A fair comparison between both technologies, considered for gaming should be:

5GHz for Gaming

5GHz frequency essentially enhances the speed and is suited for high bandwidth devices and activities. If you are looking to choose a frequency for your online gaming on a single device, 5GHz should be the first choice for you. It enhances the speed and performance of your Wi-Fi network. But you should also consider these factors while making the decision.


5GHz is not compatible with all the devices. While most of the latest devices support 5GHz connectivity, some of the older devices may not and you can face issues with your internet connection not working or losing connection while you are using it at times. You need to consider the factor and choose 5GHz only if your device is compatible with 5GHz frequency.

Coverage Area

5GHz definitely enhances the speed significantly, but the same cannot be said for the coverage area. It allows more bandwidth but your coverage area is reduced. So, if your router is placed in the same room as your Gaming Console or PC, then 5GHz would be a good choice for you. Although, 5GHz does not work well for devices if your router is placed in some other room. You should consider installing your router on your desk or in the same room if you are planning to use 5GHz for gaming.


Network stability is also the main factor that you need to consider while choosing a 5GHz network for gaming. You might be able to get a consistent connection on one device that is placed around your PC or gaming console but on multiple devices or devices that are placed away from your route, you might not get a stable connection and it can keep disconnecting randomly.

2.4GHz for Gaming

2.4GHz is basically slower than 5GHz and hence is not recommended to be used for extensive applications such as gaming. If you choose to game on 2.4GHz, you will be facing issues with the network speed that is obviously something that you don’t want to have while you are in an online match. Hence, it is a no-go for you if you are planning to play some high-end games in your Wi-Fi network. Comparison based on other factors than speed for gaming would be:


The frequency is compatible with most of the Wi-Fi enabled devices out there, so you are not going to face any issues at that end. That is a plus for you if you want to use it for gaming on some old device. Also, if the device is older that does not support 5GHz, it might work just fine with 2.4GHz since it cannot have many requirements.

Coverage Area

Your coverage area is slightly increased by using 2.4GHz frequency and it can cover your whole house/office. Hence, if you are planning to install your router away from your device and still want to try your luck with gaming, 2.4GHz might work fine for you if the game does not require much internet speed.


2.4GHz is one of the most stable frequency you can get from a Wi-Fi router. There are equal to none connection issues, so it might be the choice for you if you plan to play games that are not requiring much bandwidth.

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