G403 Wireless vs G703 Gaming Mouse – Which One To Use?

G403 wireless vs G703
G403 wireless vs G703

G403 Wireless vs G703 Gaming Mouse

Gamers these days want more feel and responsiveness from their hardware while they are gaming. This also includes their gaming mouse. High-quality gaming tech including a gaming mouse enhances the gaming experience. Many go for a gaming mouse just because of the aesthetics but that is not the real deal. A gaming mouse has much more to offer. This includes programmable buttons, speed, sensitivity, comfort and so much more than what an ordinary mouse has to offer.

Macro keys used on a gaming mouse are one clear example of why it is superior to an ordinary one. These keys help in performing functions at a faster rate. Several tasks can be done within seconds in a very comfortable and smooth manner. It is safe to say that an ordinary mouse does not have the preciseness, which a gaming mouse has. Games that are released these days have high requirements, which also includes a good DPI and decent sensitivity. Only a gaming mouse can help in fulfilling those requirements.

There are many gaming mouses available online and in stores, the G403 Wireless and G703 are considered as one of the best gaming mouses. The question is, which one is better? The G403 Wireless Vs G703 rivalry remains unanswered.  There are many specifications to bat an eye on while looking for a gaming mouse. Some of the steps that will make you a gaming mouse over an ordinary one are as follows:

  • Know your grip style. It may be fingertip, claw, or a palm grip.
  • There is an option to go either wired or wireless. The gamer decides what is more comfortable for him/her.
  • The Dots per Inch (DPI) are a major factor and deal with the sensitivity of the mouse. Gamers require fast DPI for faster movements during gaming.
  • The design plays a major role as well as it relates to comfort. A badly designed gaming mouse is a bad one.
  • The software of the gaming mouse should be the latest and should match all requirements of the gamer.
  • The laser sensors help in connectivity and faster response.
  • Weights given with the gaming mouse are to make it adjustable according to the gamer’s needs.
  • The programmable buttons are easily attachable at any time. They help in performing functions quickly.
  • The polling rate is crucial for a gamer and a good gaming mouse has the polling rate from 500 Hz to 1000 Hz.
  • The customization of the mouse is for the aesthetics and most gamers want that. It is the same case with lightning.
  • The acceleration of the mouse is measured in G forces and faster acceleration gives a faster performance.

G403 Wireless

With a very familiar design, the G403 Wireless offers fast performance, a comfortable design, and excellent reliability. On a single charge, it will provide you with 20 hours backup (30 hours if you turn off the lights); the tiny black and shiny sensor is fast and very reliable.

The device is beyond reproach and has six buttons like the usual gaming mouses. However, the buttons vary in size making them distinguishable. The sensor delivers speed and fps accuracy that is unbeatable. It is 8 times faster than the ordinary mouse. The mouse is a rip-off of the G703 and lacks the ability to support Logitech POWERPLAY.

Hence, it cannot charge wirelessly. The Logitech software is very user friendly and easy to understand and can be used to monitor battery life as well. The design is sleek and is a very decent one; the main buttons (two primary buttons) are snappy and even with the highest sensitivity; this gaming mouse still performs silky smooth.

The sensitivity can be changed using the button above the mouse wheel. The RGB LED is the same as the G703 and can change colors like blue, red, green, etc. It runs the Logitech Gaming Software look at all the other models and the users can change the DPI through the buttons as well.

However, the thumb buttons are not satisfying enough and lack brio. The only flaw this mouse has is that it is expensive, according to what it has to offer. Anyways, is it better than the G703 gaming mouse? The answer for this G403 Wireless Vs G703 rivalry is clear but let us still look at what the G703 has to offer.


On the other hand, the G703 has a classy design and is one of the best gaming mice out there. It provides ease and comfort to the users, the response time of this gaming mouse is astonishing. This device is advanced in every possible way, using the latest software and technology.

This gaming mouse has LIGHTSPEED wireless technology and supports the amazing POWERPLAY wireless charging system. The report rate is 1-ms and the DPI is very smooth. The device delivers exceptionally in terms of accuracy, performance, and speed.

The usual backup of this gaming mouse is 24 hours, more if you keep the lights turned off. This battery life is not bad at all. In fact, it meets the requirements of a professional gamer. There are rubber grips on the sides and this rubber texture looks beautiful on both sides of the scroll wheel.

The design is familiar and very light weighted, which increases durability. The mechanical button that consists of metal springs provides the tension needed. The box contains the six removable programmable buttons, the user manual, the G703 gaming mouse, the charging cable, and the LIGHTSPEED receiver.

The device may seem pricy but for many professional gamers all around the world, this price is nothing if you look at the features of this high-quality tech gaming mouse.

The Champion?

G403 Wireless Vs G703? If you ask this question to professional gamers, they will definitely go with the G703 as it offers wireless charging and better performance and has a value of money. The G403 is not that bad but factors like these make it a less considerable option. Clearly, the G703 is the champion here.

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