Perhaps you’ve heard how cable TV subscribership in the U.S. is on a downward glide. Why? Viewers are “cutting the cable” in favor of content streamed over the Internet rather than paying exorbitant prices for channel tiers (which invariably include … Continue reading

More and more subscribers to cable television services are choosing to cut the cord in favor of other more cost effective options. Comcast recently unveiled a solution that encourages its customers to retain their cable service subscription. In an effort … Continue reading

The digital video recorders that are produced by TiVo have become as commonplace as satellite television companies that provide DVR services. Yet, there must be something to the new TiVo devices if the company is still producing them after more … Continue reading

Netflix video streaming service has become a popular and cost effective way for many people to cut the cord on costly cable television subscriptions. However, many are still unsure of how to access the service using different types of devices … Continue reading

Many people who have heard of TV Everywhere are aware that it is associated with the Internet, but they are unsure what it is and how to use it. Meanwhile vendors worldwide have forged ahead with new innovations and developments … Continue reading

During 2013, Google released Chromecast which changed the way we think of streaming video and using media devices. The popularity of Chromecast has continued during 2014 as the device celebrates its one year anniversary during July 2014. Google Chromecast is … Continue reading

Music streaming is one of the most popular uses for cloud storage. The fact you can access your music from anywhere using any type of device using a music streaming service is the ideal way to enjoy your favorite tracks … Continue reading

Being able to access home entertainment system content from a remote location has become a very popular topic. Now it is possible for you to take your living room with you wherever you go. Two years ago, Sling Media released … Continue reading

If you are familiar with video streaming on the Internet, Vudu is another streaming service which offers videos and programming on demand from its website online.  Similar to Netflix and Hulu Plus, Vudu offers a wide variety of movies from … Continue reading

The age of music streaming has provided listeners with a way to listen to their favorite music tracks without having to break the bank or face any legal issues such as Napster did a few years back.  There are hundreds … Continue reading

The use of streaming video for home entertainment has been on the rise within the last few years with video streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and others popping up in high numbers online.  Recently, Amazon joined the streaming … Continue reading

Updated:  September 8, 2014 In the last few years, Roku’s media streaming devices have come to the forefront of home entertainment options and at a price that is much lower than cable. Although Internet TV has been around for a … Continue reading

If you subscribe to Verizon’s 4G LTE network the company recently introduced a video streaming application which encourages 4G customers to use more data by utilizing video streaming on mobile devices.  The service is called Viewdini and provides you with … Continue reading

Online video streaming has increased in popularity with a wider availability of high speed broadband connections.  The establishment of online video streaming sites such as YouTube marked only the beginning of a new way to enjoy home entertainment, access educational … Continue reading

Updated:  September 8, 2014 Similar to many of the other Apple devices, the Apple TV home entertainment system is a simple device as well. But, it offers a lot of potential that many Apple TV users have yet to realize. … Continue reading

If you are old enough to remember the times when you had to arrange your schedule around your favorite television programs and movies then you will appreciate this article on why video on demand is growing in popularity.  You may … Continue reading

Video on demand has increased in popularity due to convenience and cost which has promoted a lot of competition with cable TV providers.  As a result, many cable television companies are trying to find ways to compete with the growing … Continue reading

Netflix is one of the many video streaming services online that allow you to stream video on-demand from the Internet at a much lower price than you pay for cable TV.  Video streaming services are very easy to use and … Continue reading

People who have been using the Internet for any length of time are aware of actions taken against websites that have engaged in piracy of videos and music.  Piracy occurs when websites illegally offer copyright protected media for download on … Continue reading

The International Consumer Electronics Show which took place during January of 2012 offered a look into the future of electronics with new trends in the consumer electronics industry.  One of the significant developments at CES 2012 in Las Vegas was … Continue reading

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