If you are thinking about buying a 3G cell phone or you already have a 3G phone and you travel a lot, it helps to know the 3G coverage for the area where you reside or travel.  Most of the … Continue reading

Everywhere you look you see advertisements from cell phone carriers regarding 4G coverage and since you see the promotions so frequently it almost appears as if 4G has arrived.  The truth is 4G has not completely arrived yet and when … Continue reading

4G Internet is fourth generation wireless Internet technology which offers a few more advantages than its predecessor, 3G.  Where 3G provides a faster data transfer rate, 4G offers a more inexpensive way to connect to the Internet while providing a … Continue reading

3G Internet is known as third generation Internet technology and is used primarily in smart phones to provide high speed Internet access for use with multimedia applications. It is also used to provide high speed Internet access in laptop PCs.  … Continue reading

With the increased use of handheld devices you no longer have to haul your laptop PC with you to establish connectivity to the Internet while you are on the go. Mobile devices that are Internet-ready and fit in your pocket … Continue reading

Although it seems only like yesterday that mobile Internet appeared to be light years away, in the last few years mobile Internet technology has caught on very rapidly and progressed farther than we ever imagined.  This has resulted in an … Continue reading

4G wireless Internet follows the previous three generations of mobile telephony which include 1G, 2G, and 3G.  4G stands for Fourth Generation wireless Internet standard which involves LTE, WiMAX, and UMB technologies that provide faster downlink speeds and packet-switched delivery … Continue reading

3G wireless Internet serves cellular phone technology and the mobile environment. There are previous forms of 3G wireless which began in the 1980s when the use of cell phone was not as common as it is today.  The early form … Continue reading

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