6 Best Cheap Prepaid Plans In the United States

cheap prepaid plans
cheap prepaid plans

In these uncertain times, people always need robust internet connections and communication channels. With this notion, the demand for mobile data plans and network promotions have become essential. Meanwhile, mobile network carriers have designed prepaid plans for users. The prepaid plans are suitable for people who want the freedom of choice and flexibility in their incentives.

On top of everything, the prepaid plans and their flexibility empowers the users to switch to different mobile networks, whenever there is a better bundle coming up. To be honest, there is no wrong and right in packages because it is solely chosen according to needs. The carrier users need to think about the cost, while some think about customer services.

On the other hand, consumers often think about unlimited data and text messages that help them stay connected. When it comes down to the U.S. network carriers, there are multiple options, so consumers can choose the prepaid plans that help save money and stay connected. So, in this article, we have outlined some cheap prepaid plans for U.S. consumers, have a look!

Considerations For Choosing The Plan

When it comes down to choosing the plan or a network carrier, you need to outline your needs and preferences. If you are a smartphone user, we would suggest dropping the idea of annual contracts with network carriers. It is better to outline the mobile phone utilization patterns, such as how much data do you use? How many times do you call people in a day? How many messages do you send regularly?

In addition, you need to outline your need for international calls and minutes. In other words, you need to analyze your consumption and choose the plan that suits your needs. There are chances that you will be brainwashed to sign up for the unlimited plans, but you need to stand still to your ground and never let anyone dictate your needs to you.

Best Cheap Prepaid Plans

  1. Verizon Prepaid Phone Plan

For every U.S. mobile user out there, Verizon is one of the top choices out there. With this plan, the users get 15GB mobile data by paying $45. However, if you sign up for the bundle for three or nine months, you might be eligible for a discount. The package allows the users to share LTE data through a hotspot. On the other hand, in the case of network saturation, the speeds can be throttled.

As far as discounts are concerned, they will hardly stop with autopay. Once you start using this plan for three months, you will get a discount of $5. On the other hand, the additional $5 is provided once you use the bundle for nine months. With this being said, you will be able to get 15GB for $35, which is a true value for money.

With Verizon, you will be able to get LTE signals and have been added to the list of the fastest wireless network. However, if you don’t need 15GB data, you can always look for options that suit your budget and needs.

2. Metro By T-Mobile Prepaid Phone Plan

If you’ve been looking for an alternative prepaid plan other than Verizon, this plan will be your perfect option. With this plan, the users will get 10GB internet data for the cost of $40. With this bundle, the users can stream music for free from the 40-plus app. The best thing about this bundle is that it’s inclusive of all extra charges and taxes. However, a mobile hotspot is not available.

If you aren’t interested in those huge plans, this is a terrific choice which comes with fast internet. If you have a 5G-compatible phone, you can even get the 5G speed, which is pretty alluring. On the other hand, they have designed unlimited plans as well, but people aren’t using them since everyone has Wi-Fi available at home and at the workplace. But the topping point of this plan is music steaming without consuming data.

3. T-Mobile Prepaid Phone Plan

This prepaid phone plan comes with 2GB internet data and costs around $15 for a monthly basis. The tipping point of this plan is that every year, T-Mobile adds the incentives by 500MB. With this being said, it is pretty clear that it’s an apt choice for low-cost needs. As for now, it is a good value for money, but some consumers are concerned about the merger.

However, if 2GB internet data is less for you, you can get 5GB internet data for $25. On top of everything, T-Mobile will never throttle your internet speed. Unfortunately, such plans are designed for a limited time. If you use the Connect feature, the additional 500MB is provided to the users every time they sign up for the services.

4. Republic Wireless Prepaid Phone Plan

This prepaid phone plan has been designed to meet the limited needs of the users. With this plan, users will get 2GB for the monthly cost of $25. However, for annual bills, the consumers will get additional discounts. The downside of this plan is that it’s not available for iPhone users. With the change in data consumption, the rates will differ as well.

You might be surprised, but the Republic has its own way of putting a limit on your data consumption. For instance, they use Wi-Fi hotspots to ensure you don’t indulge in heavy data charges. Republic is only available for Android phones for everyone who doesn’t stream media content or download the files.

5. Visible Prepaid Phone Plan

The internet data and consumption needs are different for families, and if you are one family, this package provides unlimited data for the cost of $100. The users will get four lines of data and provides hotspot data as well. There will be no caps on speed, and if the network is congested, there will be speed throttling. This network is a brainchild of Verizon and is famous for its affordable plans.

With the additional lines, the plan will offer higher benefits. That’s to say because more discounts will be provided with the addition of lines. Even more, friends and family can share this plan; thus they can receive the multi-line bills.

6. Consumer Cellular Prepaid Phone Plan

This plan is a suitable option for seniors as it provides 3GB internet data at the cost of $30. On the other hand, if you are an AARP member, you can get 5% discounts for the monthly services. It doesn’t matter which plan you are signing up for; it comes with unlimited texts, along with flexible data and talk plans.

Interested in Unlimited Data Plan? Check the postpaid plans below

1. AT&T Unlimited Data Plan

AT&T might become your best friend with this plan because users can get an unlimited amount of data internet at a monthly cost of $50. With this plan, the users will get s10GB 4G/LTE data for hotspot data. There is an allowance for H.D. videos, topped with a $25 monthly autopay discount. The package is designed with a captivating price factor.

However, the discounts associated with this plan are temporary. In addition, if you’ve 5G-compatible phones, you will be able to use 5G internet. Unlike other network carriers who limit the video stream resolution to 480p, the AT&T users can stream H.D. videos. To be honest, this is pretty amazing, given the unlimited data at such an amazing rate along with additional discounts; no one can beat this plan.

2. Metro By T-Mobile Unlimited Data Plan

This plan is the brainchild of Metro, which comes with unlimited internet data for the monthly cost of $50. With this plan, the users get 5GB of hotpot data (in 5G band) along with 100GB of Google One storage. In contrast, the video streaming resolution will be capped to 480p, which is pretty bad. The users can also add a line with which two users can access unlimited data for the monthly charges of $80. This cost of the package is inculcated with fees and taxes. If you sign up for the fourth line, Metro will waive the $30.

3. Boost Mobile Unlimited Plan

Boost has designed this plan with unlimited data internet at the monthly cost of $50. With this plan, the users can get six months of music streaming with Tidal, along with 12GB of hotspot data in 4G/LTE. In addition, users might struggle with slow internet speed. The only downside of this plan is the data caps on games, music, and video streaming. In addition, you can sign up for a Tidal music streaming service for around six months.

4. Google Fi Unlimited Plan

This plan comes with unlimited data at the monthly costs of $70. The users will get multiple incentives with this plan, such as free data and text messages, while you are traveling. The international coverage is pretty amazing, and it has been designed to support multiple phones. As far as the internet speed is concerned, the internet speed will be lower.

This plan works best on Pixel devices, but the topping point is that there are no compromises on the speed with other phones either. Google Fi optimize the internet speed by mixing up the coverage from top network carriers, such as T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Sprint. In contrast to the unlimited plan, there are other options available with $10 and $20 plans.

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