What Is Extended 3G?

extended 3g
extended 3g

3G which is the third generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology is still used by many Verizon users. Although now have we the 4G as well as the 4G LTE and the 5G technologies available, many users who are using the old cell phones might not have access to 4G, 4G LTE, and the 5G technologies.

While the 3G network is almost phased out and most of the users have shifted to the newer technologically advanced networks, those still using 3G may face some issues. One of the most common problems that have been reported by many 3G users since its early days is seeing Extended 3G written at the top of their device instead of the Usual 3G when using data.

What Is Extended 3G?

The extended 3G is usually shown in those areas where Verizon does not have data coverage and those areas are out of Verizon’s service areas. If you have a 3G phone and you want to avoid this issue then the best thing that you can do is to first check the service map of Verizon. If you see extended 3G over the map in the area where you live then this should be a major concern for you.

In such a situation there isn’t anything that the customer support will be able to help you with. You will probably have to look for other options or consider moving. On the other hand, if you are a Verizon customer and you are temporarily seeing the extended 3G icon on your phone then you are most probably in an area where there is no Verizon coverage. This can often happen when you are traveling out of the city or to another state.

Sometimes the extended 3G icon can appear in some buildings that may be located in areas with perfect Verizon signals. In such a case it is most probably the layout of the building that is disrupting the signals. In most of the shopping malls and other major commercial buildings, technological steps are taken to cater to such issues so you are likely not to experience the extended 3G issue in any major commercial building. However, you may face the issue inside a house or any other small building with thick walls. The issue may vary depending upon your exact location within the building.

The 3G coverage provided by Verizon depends on the coverage area of the network and the nearby signal towers. If you are stuck in a bad coverage area or if there is no coverage at all then you don’t have many options. It is always wise to consult the sales representatives at your local Verizon store before buying into any plan. They will be happy to guide you about 3G, extended 3G, coverage issues, and coverage areas of Verizon.

Over the next few years, it is expected that the 3G network will be completely phased out and the existing users will be forced to move to either 4G or directly to 5G networks. So this is pretty much a temporary issue that will disappear along with the relevant technology.

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