Internet of Things

Wireless doorbells are handy gizmos. They’re like microwave ovens; once you have one, you’ll wonder how you got by without it. A de rigeur part of today’s smart, connected homes, they do more than just announce a visitor at the … Continue reading

Heard of the technology startup company Veniam? If you haven’t before, you’re likely to hear a lot more about them in the near future. They’re industry leaders in the field of connected transportation, a technology receiving lots of interest from … Continue reading

Bring Wi-Fi alive—wherever it isn’t. You know those spots in your home or workplace, the ones where Wi-Fi becomes non-existent or very weak at best. Yup, we all hate them. But now there is a way to extend the signal … Continue reading

In 1967 counterculture writer Richard Brautigan published a poem called “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace” which in its quirky way foresaw the coming tech revolution of the 21st century, namely the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine … Continue reading

Everyone wants a smart home, right? Well, perhaps most people do. But what exactly is a smart home? Well, think of being able to communicate with your home and every electronic device and appliance within it via your personal mobile … Continue reading

Smart electric meters are taking the world by storm. Nations across the globe are mandating their installation — by 2020, every home in Britain is mandated to have one. Demand for electric meters is particularly strong in Asia; in 2015 … Continue reading

The days of loudspeakers looking like, well, speakers is so 20th century. No more rectangular wooden boxes taking up too much space on bookshelves or tables. And increasingly, no more wires either. The amazing Amazon Echo is but one of … Continue reading

Smart TVs have been The Next Big Thing in tech for the past several years and to an extent reality is living up to the hype. Sales of Smart TVs are soaring — from 52 million in 2011 to 141 … Continue reading

An integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart light bulbs communicate wirelessly with internet-connected devices. Of course, these aren’t old school incandescent bulbs or even CFL lamps; they’re LEDs that typically use apps from a smartphone, laptop, tablet … Continue reading

As ubiquitous as the Java programming language, Bluetooth is found almost anywhere there’s a need to link devices to the Internet. According to, “it is built into billions of products on the market today and connects the Internet of … Continue reading

The Smart Home and the age of The Internet of Things is rapidly changing technology by increasing the demand for devices that are more capable. Verizon recently introduced a device capable of meeting new requirements for Smart Home technology. In … Continue reading

With new technologies, auto makers and consumers alike are realizing that a car can be an exceptional mobile device. This is because a car provides a generous amount of room for implementing the latest technologies. Because of the increased use … Continue reading

Mobile devices have been changing the face of many different aspects of our environment, including how we relate to our homes. The inception of SmartThings has allowed our homes to get to know us as opposed to the other way … Continue reading

For gadget enthusiasts who are following the trend of The Internet of Things, the new D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug introduced earlier this year takes home automation to the next level. D-Link, a company known for its wireless routers and networking … Continue reading

The International Data Corporation says that the Internet of Things is expected to grow into an eight trillion market by the year 2020 with a 7.9 percent compound annual growth rate to follow. According to the IDC, the Internet of … Continue reading

With the increased use of wireless technology in many households the next wave of home technology appears to be smart home appliances which promise better energy consumption, wireless access controls, and unified connectivity using your home wireless network. Last month, … Continue reading

In the last few years consumers have become more reliant on Internet connectivity with the increased use of mobile devices and the recent release of tablet PCs, and an automobile is no exception to the rule.  Only a few years … Continue reading