Why Am I Seeing Zyxel Apps On My Network?

zyxel apps on my network
zyxel apps on my network

There are multiple options out there that allow you to see what devices are being connected to your network. The main one being the router’s admin panel that keeps a track of all the applications that are being connected over a network and makes it work for you pretty good so that you can know about all the devices that are connected on the Wi-Fi network.

If you are seeing Zyxel Apps on your network, it might be due to a number of reasons, and a few ways you can check on it or look up the devices are:

Why Am I Seeing Zyxel Apps On My Network? A few Possibilities

There are a number of possibilities that might be the reason for your network showing Zyxel app connected as a device. Basically, Zyxel is a network equipment company that is manufacturing a wide range of products that you can use for making your networking experience better.

You will need to check on all of them to ensure that it is a legit device being connected on your network, because there are high chances that some other company might have been using the equipment from Zyxel as their own branding and you might not know it. A few devices that you have to check upon are:

Network Boosters/extenders

First of all, you need to know that Zyxel is not only manufacturing the routers, but they have a pretty wide inventory of boosters and extenders as well that you can use to make these things work for you.

You just have to make sure that if you are using some Wi-Fi signal booster or network extender, to check their brand name and MAC address if possible. Then you can match that MAC address with the device that is showing as Zyxel on your network and that is going to solve the problem optimally for you without causing you any sort of issues and problems at all.

Wi-Fi receivers

If you are using some of the PCs that you need to use Wi-Fi receiver antennas or the Networking cards with Wi-Fi support, you will have to ensure that you are checking on them as well and their MAC address so that you can make sure if they are from Zyxel and showing up on your network as Zyxel apps.

They are also offering their solutions to some of the smart home appliances for Wi-Fi connectivity and you cannot rule out that possibility either.

Google The MAC Address

Lastly, before you block that device from your network, you can try one last resort to google the MAC Address that is showing on your screen. This is going to help you out in knowing what sort of device you are dealing with as most of the MAC Addresses are available on the internet and you can easily know that which device is connected on the network and showing as Zyxel apps.

If you are unable to recognize that device, you can block that to restrict any unauthorized access on your network.

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