Why Am I Seeing Bluepeach On My Network?

bluepeach on my network
bluepeach on my network

These routers that we are using out there, have tons of interesting features and they all allow you to have the right monitoring as well.

These routers have the system on them that allows you to keep a track of all the devices that are connected with your router through a Wi-Fi network and that gives you an edge to not only monitor what sort of devices you are dealing with, but also to make sure that there is not any unauthorized device connected to your network that might be a security threat or simply sucking on bandwidth for you.

If you are seeing Bluepeach device on your network, here are a few things you can do to figure it out.

Bluepeach On My Network

Google the MAC Address

First things first, and Bluepeach is not a manufacturer for the Wi-Fi equipment, networking devices or anything like that for sure. That means, there is not much that you can expect out there, and someone might have changed the name of their device to bluepeach, or you might be using a device that is named Bluepeach and have it connected on your internet connection. So, to make it work, you will need to ensure that you are searching for the MAC Address that you are getting on the Bluepeach device on Google.

This will help you out in knowing if you are dealing with a mobile, some sort of PC or some other device. So, you will be bale to check the MAC Addresses on the similar devices that you have intentionally connected on the Wi-Fi network or that you are using to ensure if the MAC Address matches with them.

Rule it out

If you are unable to find something solid by searching for the MAC Address on the Google, then there is another option, and you will need to make a list of all the devices that you have connected on the network along with their MAC Addresses. This will help you out in cross check the MAC Address of the device that is showing as Bluepeach on your network and you can make sure which of your device is showing as Bluepeach on the router interface.

Once you get that sorted out, it will be easier for you to decide if you want to keep that device connected on the network or block it. Also, you can decide if you would like to change the name of the device that might be named Bluepeach.

Block it

Lastly, if nothing so far has worked out for you, then you will need to block that device from your network and then look for all the devices that were previously connected with the network. If one of those devices lose the internet connectivity, you can know that this was the device that was showing as Bluepeach.

To make it certain, you can try matching the MAC Address again before you unblock it on your network. Yet, if everything remains the same for you, you got nothing to lose and you can keep that device blocked for good.

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