AboCom On My Network: How To Fix?

abocom on my network
abocom on my network

There are multiple devices that you can see out there on the network. Some of the guys among us like to poke around things and with these modern routers you have access to see what devices are being connected to your router and the Wi-Fi network.

Not only that, but you can also see which of the device you have connected on the network are getting how much of the internet speed, bandwidth and a lot of other stuff like that.

AboCom On My Network

There are some devices that you can change the name according to your choice such as your phone or the laptop you are using. Yet, some of the devices only show their name that is not changeable and at times you might only be seeing something like “unknown device” connected on your Wi-Fi network.

Multiple people have reported of seeing the AboCom device connected on their Wi-Fi network and they claim to not recognize it. It might be caused due to confusion or multiple other stuff like that, so a few things that you need to know about it are:

AboCom Devices

AboCom is a communication company that is manufacturing networking equipment. So, most of the time, chances are high that you are seeing a device that is your own and you are using it, without realizing that the Wi-Fi module that is installed on that specific device was originally manufactured by AboCom.

AboCom offers their Wi-Fi connectivity modules to a number of brands. Especially they are being sourced for the smart home appliances like lights, bulbs, or thermostats. So, if you are using any such smart home appliance that you have installed recently and it is not from some popular brand, there are pretty high odds that the AboCom will be the name showing for that device specifically.

So, you will not have to worry about it most of the time as you can rule it out pretty easily, and here are a few things you can do to check which device is being shown as AboCom on your router.


This is the oldest trick in the book of ruling out a possibility and is pretty simple to manage as well.

If there are a handful number of devices connected on the network, there is not much that you will have to be worried about, but if the devices are more in number, that can be troublesome for you as ruling out the possibility for getting a specific device like be finding a needle in the haystack. So, what you can do to get this problem sorted out is to use the block option on your router.

Most modern routers have this option on them that enables you to block any unwanted device from connecting on your network through the MAC Address. This way, you will be able to see which of your devices has lost the internet connectivity after you have disconnected it from the network.

If you find out the device, that has been disconnected on the network after you blocked the specific MAC Address on the network, that will help you find the device and you can then allow the device to be connected. And if you are unable to see any of your devices that might be disconnected after blocking, you have nothing to lose, and you can let it be like that.

Google the MAC Address

Yet, if you don’t want to have any dysconnectivity on the devices and especially your smart home appliances since they are pretty hard and complicated to setup, there is an easy way that will get you out of the toughest of corners. All you will need to do in such cases is to ensure that you are finding out the MAC address of AboCom device on your router and then Google the MAC Address.

Google will most of the time let you know the device manufacturer and name of that device. This will help you in ruling out which device you are using and if you are able to recognize that device, it is fine. Otherwise, you can just block that device from your network and that will be keeping you worry free.

2 thoughts on “AboCom On My Network: How To Fix?”

  1. This is not entirely true! Abocom is a device that a tech used to access and monitor my router channel and strength during a service call to drop off my replacement router. He connected to my gateway without a password. I tried to block his access but the connection still randomly connects to my router! Xfinity/Comcast customer support told my to change my password, which does nothing. Then they tell you not to worry about it.

  2. For me, it ended up being my Blu-ray player. Yes… I still have one of those. Anyway, this made me realize that I should check and make an inventory of all the wireless modules and MAC addresses that each device uses – phones, blu-ray, tv, cameras… that way, if anything comes up in the future, I won’t be concerned.

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