Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co. Ltd Connected To My Network

hon hai precision ind co ltd connected to my network
hon hai precision ind co ltd connected to my network

Encountering unusual network devices on your network is quite common when it comes to using the network, ISP services, and broadband services from extensive manufacturers. They always send their companies’ names connected to your network in order to test and monitor their network components. They are usually unexpected and sudden notifications. People usually stay quite concerned about their security when they see the “Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.” device connected on their network. They wonder if it is merely for monitoring and testing purposes of the manufacturers, or a threat.

As we have discussed, noticing such devices connecting notifications in your wireless network settings is normal. It is also completely normal to be concerned and cautious about such notifications, and this is completely fine. We are here to solve your confusion, count on us! In this article, we will walk you through some relevant details on the Hon Hai Precision Industry—Foxconn industry Limited, alongside their commonly connected device notification of “Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.” Stay with us!

Is “Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.” a Threat?

To reassure you of your network safety, we have good news for you; the persistently faced device “Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.” connected to your network is not threatening at all. It is merely a monitoring and testing device connected to your home network devices (that are specifically from Foxconn Industry), which is nowhere a threat.

Why Do I See Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. Connected to My Network?

Typically in the wireless scanning section, you may have seen the “Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.” device show up connected to your network, which is the name for the manufacturer of the wireless devices. It is normal to wonder who they are. We’ll tell you.

All Wi-Fi, as well as Ethernet adapters, possess a 24-bit manufacturer ID. These IDs are generally registered with their corresponding IEEE. If you are wondering about yours, you can look up your ID to find out your device’s manufacturer by navigating to http://standards.ieee.org/regauth/oui/.

Generally, the manufacturing names for these IDs are obvious; for example, Apple or IBM. The more fascinating names such as Hon Hai Precision might confuse you. However, nothing is threatening from it because it is exactly like Apple and IBM Manufacturers.

Hon Hai Precision Manufacturers:

Foxconn is the more well-known name for the corresponding company Hon Hai. It is a popular networking company that is estimated to be the 132nd largest manufacturing company in the world. Most of their devices are sold under their own name, Foxconn. They sell motherboards, processors, Leadtek graphics cards, etc., although they regularly custom manufacture devices for other companies. Apart from their title, they use Hon Hai a lot.


Now that you are well aware of what “Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.” is, you won’t be worried about its origin and other stuff. How? Because you now know that is a device monitoring and testing service by the Foxconn industry.

9 thoughts on “Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co. Ltd Connected To My Network”

  1. It just came up on my WiFi as connected a few mins ago, it’s never been connected before and I’m not so sure about this, anyone else have any idea why it would come up out of the blue like this and never been here before? I will add I’m a half mile from the pavement so no one close enough to latch on even though I’m secured I’m wandering how or where it has came from

  2. Yes, this is not disturbing at all!! *sarcastic comment*. At what point does anyone coming into my house for the sake of “monitoring” activity is ok?

    I would like to know who is monitoring my internet activity and why.

  3. Vonage — that is what I have and it is made by Hon Hai. PS3/4/5 and a bunch of other electronic devices (routers, wireless routers, security cameras, etc) are also made by the same company under private labels. E.g the PS3 for Sony.

  4. The only new addition to my computer was installing EPIC Games.
    Afterwhich I started seeing alerts – Hon Hai had joined my network as well as finding a program running called uhelper.exe, related to Shenzhen Yi Xing, running from a folder called C:\ProgramData\wDcLibs\.
    I have removed the folder and registry references and also removed the EPIC Games platform. After doing a deep scan and check of my system’ everything seems normal again, no further network alerts.
    It could be a coincidence or they could be related, but that being the only install or change to the system I feel like they could be related somehow.

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