Zero Upload Speed: 5 Ways To Fix

Zero Upload Speed
Zero Upload Speed


In this fast-paced world that we live in, having a solid and reliable internet connection is quite often something we take for granted – until it’s gone.

These days, we rely on it for pretty much every facet of our lives. We conduct our business deals online, and we interact with our banks online. Some of us even work from home on the internet. And that’s without even taking into account how often we want a solid internet connection for our entertainment needs.

But, when it comes to your internet connection, there is a number of things that can go wrong.

One such problem that many of you are reporting is one where your download speeds are totally fine, whereas your upload speeds are non-existent. 

What is particularly frustrating about this scenario is that your internet is working fine in some ways, but not at all in others. Unlike other scenarios, you can’t just move your router and then expect everything to work again.

This situation requires a bit more exploration and intrusion than that to fix. That being said, it is 100% possible to remedy this issue from the comfort of your own home.

In fact, in some cases, you may be left with no choice. With some internet service providers, they will offer to send out a technician to have a look.

However, they will usually ask you to fork out a hefty amount of cash for this to happen. Worse yet, some providers will refuse to help and give you the run around every time you ask.

Well, don’t worry too much just yet. We are here to do whatever we can to help you out of this tight spot.

Before we begin, it is important to note that none of these fixes will require any level of expertise. So, if you are not that ‘techy’ by nature, don’t worry. You won’t have to take anything apart or jeopardize your equipment in any way.

With that, let’s get into how to troubleshoot your total lack of upload speed from the comfort of your own home. 

Zero Upload Speed

your upload speed is non-existent

We always find that the best way to troubleshoot a problem effectively is first to explain what is causing the issue in the first place.

That way, if and when it happens again, you will understand why and be better equipped to deal with the situation. And, problems such as these are bound to crop up again at some point.

That’s just the nature of dealing with technology. It doesn’t always work! So, it is relatively common to encounter these kinds of issues, especially when you are using a wireless internet connection.

As far as the cause of the problem goes, there are quite a few factors that may cause zero upload speed on your network.

Most common among these are:

  • bad or loose connecting cables
  • outdated and obsolete drivers and programs
  • network glitches that result in files stalling, which leads to your upload speed going right down to zero.
  • and outdated software and hardware

Annoyingly for us, as we try to troubleshoot this problem, upload speeds can occasionally go right down to zero without any good or obvious reason behind it.

Regardless of the cause, we are going to endeavor to do our absolute best to get you up and running again. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Troubleshooting Your Zero Upload Speed Problem?

Below are all of the steps you will need to get your internet back up and running as it should be. In most cases, this should fix the problem.

If not, you may have a much more serious issue, which will generally be on the side of your internet service provider.

1. Use Up-To-Date Firmware:

The first step toward restoring your upload speed is to have a check on your hardware’s firmware.

Basically, all you are checking for is that the most recent updates have been applied to the system.

The longer you leave updates outstanding on any device, the more potential there is for the performance of the device to suffer. The same is true for your network equipment.

2. Use Updated Drivers:

Again we are sticking with the theme of making sure that everything is updated and running on the most up-to-date versions.

Outdated drivers, just like outdated router firmware, can play havoc with your system if not rectified on a regular basis.

In addition, outdated printer and scanner drivers can also contribute to this negative effect.

So, to combat this problem, it is always a great idea to check everything regularly to make sure that everything is up to date. 

3. Try Doing A Clean-Up:

Though this may seem like a pretty obvious solution, you may be surprised at how often it is effective. In this fix, all you need to do is go through your device and remove any and all unwanted files and programs.

Doing so is guaranteed to make our device work much more efficiently, even if it isn’t the root cause of this problem on this occasion.

Essentially, it works in the same way as clearing excess data from your cell phone or computer by getting rid of things like malware and cookies and generally freeing up some much-needed space.

4. Check for Loose Cable Connections:

check for loose cable connections

Cables and connections can often be playing havoc with your system without your knowledge. Cables that are frayed or even a little bit damaged won’t work anywhere near as good as new ones.

The only thing to do here is to replace these cables and try again. While you are there, it is always worthwhile to check to see that these cables are connected nicely and tightly.

Loose connections won’t be able to transmit the data they need to keep your network running as it should. Even if it looks tight, try taking it out and putting it back in again. In a lot of cases, this step alone can work wonders.

5. Install the Zonal OCR Program:

Every now and then, your PC could do with a little push from certain programs designed to speed up your system.

Of the programs that do this, we find that ‘Zonal OCR’ is probably one of the most effective and best. So, all you need to do is install this program and then try again to see if there is any difference.

Conclusion: Fixing Zero Upload Speed Problem

There can be any number of reasons why your upload and download speeds may be hampered.

In the steps above, we have tried to touch base with each known cause of the problem so that the issue should be fixed for most, if not all, of you by the end.

However, we are always aware that others may have come up with their own solutions to the problem.

If you are one of those people, we would love to hear your story so that we can try your fix and then share it with our readership.

If so, please let us know in the comments section below. Thanks!

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