Something Is Limiting My Download Speed: 4 Ways To Fix

something is limiting my download speed
something is limiting my download speed

Suppose that you are working and on the side downloading your favorite shows to binge-watch them as soon as you get free from work. What you see next is going your download speed completely going down while the rest of your applications are working completely fine. Well, it is one common issue to encounter slow download speeds as several factors are limiting your speeds, at times. Sometimes it is just your ISP messing around while the other time it is your lousy internet connection or too many tabs opened in the background. We will discuss these factors further in descriptive from along with its action points.

Something Is Limiting My Download Speed

Throttling is the major reason behind your limited access to download speeds. You might have opted to higher internet speeds but the ISP throttling never lets you enjoy the fullest of the downloading speeds that you deserve.

Moreover, slow speeds and vulnerable connections are also one of those factors that limit your downloading speeds.

What Exactly Is Throttling?

Throttling can be defined as the phenomenon by which your Internet Service Provider (ISP) intentionally slows down or throttles the speed of your broadband internet connection. The speed can be both downloading and uploading.

Why Do My ISP Throttle My Downloading Speeds?

Your ISP does this throttling as a reactive measure to regulate the main network’s traffic and to alleviate network congestion.

Almost every network is created with the association of servers and clients. Servers are the powerful computers that keep a massive amount of data and information which later get accessed by clients. What Is Client? The client is one of the computers within a network that tends to fetch data from the servers.

The main point is, your ISP throttles your speeds knowingly to maintain equilibrium within the network which is also called “Network Neutrality”.

Action Points To Get Rid Of Throttling Downloading Speeds:

Following are some to-do action points that you can continue to do when your ISP is throttling your downloading speeds:

  1. Run Speed Tests To Monitor Your Internet:

Pay close attention to the resulted speeds after carrying out the speed tests. You will see that your opted speeds don’t match the downloading ones. Take a record of it to show to your ISP.

  1. Run Throttling Tests:

Navigate to the website of any trustable throttling-checking service and keep a record of it.

  1. Converse With Other Users:

Keep your contact alive with your fellow users of the same ISP.

  1. Contact Your ISP:

By gathering all the relevant stuff, you can now freely contact your ISP to talk out the downloading speeds issue.


Most of the time people experience their uploading speeds doing better while the downloading speeds are limited. They wonder how is their opted internet speeds not cooperating with their downloading speeds. We have already discussed the major factors above for the download speeds to get limited. You are recommended to always monitor your internet connection by regularly checking the speed.

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