Switching From Uverse To Xfinity: 4 Factors To Consider

switching from uverse to xfinity
switching from uverse to xfinity


Internet is the necessity and every day wanted commodity that no one can avoid for a longer time. Keeping it a commodity, many companies and service providers offer a wide range of services like TV, channel subscriptions, internet, and many more. Also, one might bethink about the switch from one internet provider to another service provider. Though, before switching, one should know on what basis the decision should be taken.

In different forums, people intend to switch from Uverse to Xfinity due to certain concrete reasons. In the article, we will shed light on the options available.

Switching From Uverse to Xfinity:

1. Difference Between AT&T Uverseand Xfinity

The significant difference between AT&T and Xfinity is its availability. AT&T is available in 21 plus states, while Xfinity covers 40 plus states. Besides, Xfinity is the largest internet service provider in the country. On the other hand, AT&T global leading brand. The second difference between them is of starting price. AT&T bundle package begins at $84.99 per month, while Xfinity provides internet is $40 per month. Third, there is no contract need for the AT&T internet bundle. On the contrary, Xfinity contracts with customers for one or two years.

2. Is Xfinity Faster Than The AT&T Uverse?

When the question comes to the internet speed, our vote will go to the Xfinity because it offers high-speed internet at the starting level compared to the Uverse. The starting speed of Xfinity 25 Mbps to 2000 Mbps, while Uverse starts from 5 Mbps to 940 Mbps. Therefore, the best selection is Xfinity over the Uverse. In an exceptional case, Uverse is equally better to the Xfinity because if you want high speed, the rates of AT&T Uverse drops significantly that there will be no difference in speed and rates of Uverse and Xfinity.

3. Does Uverse Modem Works In Xfinity Service?

Most of us want to avoid the Xfinity router’s lease fee because we want to switch from Uverse to Xfinity. So the modem of Uverse will be useless to us and want to attach with Xfinity. In a straight answer, it is not possible due to a reason. Xfinity is based on cable facility, while AT&T Uverse relies on DSL or fiber. In both cases, you will not be able to use the Uverse modem with the cable provider.

4. How Can I Switch From Uverse To Xfinity?

If you have decided to switch, then there are multiple ways to process a new Xfinity connection. But the first thing first, inform Uverse that you no longer want their internet and invoke a disconnection request. Then, you can request for the connection from Xfinity either through call or visiting their stores. In this way, you will avail of the Xfinity connection with better speed and rates.


The decision to switch from Uverse to Xfinity is hard because both companies have good standing in the market and are renowned internet brands. However, you still desire to change the internet service. You can do it through the way above-mentioned.

This piece imparted all the relevant and necessary information regarding the topic after thorough market research. If you’ve any queries or recommendations, please do share it in the comment section.

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