Not Getting Full Speed With Xfinity: 4 Ways To Fix

xfinity not getting full speed
xfinity not getting full speed

The demand for internet services has increased significantly with time. The prime reason is that the entire world has become a well-connected community through internet signals. In addition, people need a robust internet connection for emails, social media utilization, and streaming. So, they often look for fast internet speed.

However, internet service providers aren’t usually helpful because they register higher users, in contrast to their capability. Well, in this quest, Xfinity is one of the top choices. This is because Xfinity delivers the internet speed as advertised, and they have been catering to millions of users through their cables.

But still, the increased internet connection number shave led to the weak internet signals. Well, this is pretty surprising with Xfinity, but everything can struggle with errors, right? So, in this article, we have outlined the troubleshooting tips and methods to regain the full internet speed on your Xfinity network. Let’s start, then!

Not Getting Full Speed With Xfinity: 4 Ways To Fix

1) Little Investigation Goes A Long Way

Whenever you are experiencing a slow internet connection on the Xfinity network, it is advised to do some investigation. Firstly, you need to search for the internet speed test on Google. The speed will tell you the internet signals you are getting, and you can check the bill to see what internet speed you should have.

However, it is advised to check the internet speed near the router and other areas where Wi-Fi signals are delivered. In other words, keep comparing the speed test results to the package speed. For instance, if the internet speed is fine according to the package, there is high time that you go for an upgrade. Xfinity offers internet speed ranging from25Mbps to 1Gbps, so be vigilant in choosing the internet speed that matches your needs.

2) Restart

Whenever there is a drop in the Xfinity internet connection, there are chances that your internet connection is looking for a fresh start. Well, you can sign in to the Xfinity account and restart using the modem button on the screen. This button will also outline the possible internet issues in the area. In addition, you can manually restart the router as well. For manual restarting, unplug the router from the power socket and wait for 30 seconds before you put it back inside.

3) Improve The Performance

There are multiple ways of enhancing internet speed performance, and one way is to install the modem and router in the central location. This will ensure that you are getting internet signals all over the place. However, if some devices need relatively higher internet speed, such as a company desktop, you can put the router and modem near it.

If you are using the Xfinity for gaming, it is advised to opt for a wired internet connection. This is because the wired connection directs the internet signals to the console in the most stable way. In addition, the wired connections hardly have any interference, so the internet speed will be higher and consistent concurrently. Also, if you need higher coverage but cannot invest in a new router and modem, using extenders is the right choice, such as xFi Pods.

4) Upgrade Your Equipment

Many people don’t trust the internet service providers when it comes to the modem, so they buy it on their own. However, if you haven’t upgraded the 3.0 modem for a long time, it will adversely impact the internet speed. For instance, you can opt for DOCSIS 3.1 or the Netgear CM1000 because it is designed by Xfinity

The advanced routers are designed with the ability to provide an improved range, and the connection support will be better as well. However, if you are looking for reliable and consistent coverage, using mesh solutions will be apt. All in all, the wireless devices, modems, and routers play an integral role in offering fast internet connection, in addition to Xfinity internet connection.

Possible Reasons Of Not Getting Full Speed Internet

For everyone who needs to troubleshoot the internet connection, given the slow internet speed, it is essential to keep the potential reasons in mind, such as;

  • The router might be outdated, or the Wi-Fi isn’t properly configured
  • The internet service provider isn’t close enough (their hardware should be nearby)
  • The internet signal consumption is higher (congestion) which might be the reason for slow internet connection
  • The peak time of the day can adversely impact the internet speed as well

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