Windstream Sagemcom 1704 Bridge Mode (Guide)

windstream sagemcom 1704 bridge mode
windstream sagemcom 1704 bridge mode

It goes without saying that an internet modem is essential for optimizing the internet connection and completing the network connection. However, which internet modem you choose will significantly influence the internet speed and effectiveness of the network connection. Windstream Sagemcom 1704 modem is one of the best modems in the market, and its internet connectivity performance can be enhanced with the bridge mode. So, let’s see all you should know about it!

Windstream Sagemcom 1704 Bridge Mode Guide

When you configure the Windstream Sagemcom 1704 in the bridge mode, it allows the PC and router to establish a high-speed internet connection. For the most part, it is connected directly behind the modem and is configured with the help of PPPoE. PPPoE is the point-to-point protocol over Ethernet and uses the username and password. Whenever the modem is configured with the bridge mode, the internal security of the modem will be turned off, so you need to be particular about the network security. To switch on bridge mode in Windstream Sagemcom 1704, you can follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  1. Type in the search bar of the internet browser to access your Windstream Sagemcom 1704 modem’s interface. To access the interface, you might have to authenticate yourself by adding the username and password
  2. Then, tap on the apply button and it will initiate the bridging process. Once the bridging is complete, you will need to reboot the modem to make sure the settings are installed
  3. For the rebooting process, you can tap on the reboot process, which appears on the last page of the bridging process
  4. In case you want to restore the factory default settings of the modem, you need to press the reset button on the modem and hold it for fifteen seconds and then release it
  5. When the modem turns on, the modem will be reverted to the factory default settings, and it will be set in the bridge more. In particular, the internet light on the modem will become solid red as it signals that the modem is currently in bridge mode

Benefits Of Using Bridge Mode On Windstream Sagemcom 1704 Modem

The modems are integrated with the NAT feature, and the modems integrated with the NAT feature often have issues with internet connection if you don’t enable the bridge mode. However, switching on the bridge will help increase the wireless internet coverage and will enable smooth connection and communication of the devices. The best thing about bridge mode is that it prevents conflicts related to IP addresses, promising a better internet connection.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that bridge mode is one of the most beneficial features when you want to improve the Wi-F coverage. For the most part, it’s used by large-scale offices and commercial places where one internet router doesn’t suffice. On the other hand, when the bridge mode is enabled, it improves the internet connection, and the signal reception will be enhanced as well.

To illustrate, it bridges the internet connection to the network connection that’s farther away to extend the wireless internet range. With the help of bridge mode, the users will be able to connect multiple devices to the internet connection, which not only extends the wireless internet coverage but will improve the internet reliability and as well as connection speed.

Who Should Use Bridge Mode On Windstream Sagemcom 1704 Modem

Windstream Sagemcom 1704 modem is one of the best modems available in the market today, and bridge mode is actually one of the most effective features one can try to improve the internet connection. In case you are wondering if bridge mode is the right solution for you not, we have the answers for you. You should use the bridge mode when you are trying to connect a second router to your internet network or if you have to develop a wireless mesh system for the internet network. In addition, it’s a promising choice for people who want to avoid the NAT conflicts.

The Bottom Line

On a concluding note, Windstream Sagemcom 1704 modem doesn’t necessarily need to work on the bridge mode. For instance, if you don’t have an insufficient wireless internet coverage issue or slow-speed internet, you don’t need to enable the bridge mode. However, bridge mode is an effective choice when you have to move your router away and need to extend the internet coverage.

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