Why Would Peerless Network Calling Me? (Explained)

why would peerless network calling me
why would peerless network calling me

The telecommunications innovator, Peerless Network, offer a range of services to companies that seek to reach a larger number of clients on a lower budget.

The revolutionary feature brought into the market by Peerless Network is offering high-quality voice communication, such as SD-WAN, SIP Trunking, Cloud PBX and Toll-free solutions.

As their network of subscribers increases by the day, more and more companies are benefitting from agile, cost-effective and simple-to-deploy voice solutions.

However, despite its outstanding quality of service, which is attested by Peerless Network’s clientele, an issue has been reported by many of the non-clients.

As it has been reported in online forums and Q&A communities, people who have no relation to Peerless Network whatsoever are receiving calls from other people who claim to be working for the company.

Should you find yourself amongst those people, bear with us as we will explain what is likely to be happening as well as what can be done to stop this nuisance once and for all.

What Is Peerless Network?

What Is Peerless Network

Providing high-quality voice services through telecommunication solutions, Peerless Network delivers a range of products to meet whatever need their clients may have in that department.

Their robust portfolio of excellent voice communication services includes Toll-Free, SIP Trunking and Cloud PBX, amongst others, working through over 4,500 interconnections throughout the U.S. territory.

Most recently, the company began stretching its reach to Canada and the United Kingdom as well, in an attempt to reach an even larger chunk of this new business.

Peerless Network brings customers solutions for optimization of their telecom services, allowing them to improve their traffic flow and reduce costs with telephony.

Nevertheless, even with its remarkable and consolidated quality of service, Peerless Network is not free from issues. Many people have been receiving calls from alleged representatives of the company who are mostly passing by IRS agent.

As stated by the company, these are fake calls made by hackers who are trying to take advantage of the average person.

Use The Do-Not-Call List To Your Advantage

Use The Do-Not-Call List To Your Advantage

As the number of people complaining about receiving fake calls from alleged employees of Peerless Network keeps increasing, the company launched a registry for such calls.

It is called the National Do Not Call List, and through their website, people who are being harassed by such calls can flag the number and name of contact (even if it is a fake one). Then, the system will automatically contact the number and verify their activity.

Should the result be that the contact is actually attempting to scam people, the number will be blocked in the whole national territory.

So far, most of the cases when the result was the opposite, it was mainly because the number used by scammers is actually a home landline that was probably taken over by the hackers involved in the scam.

In any case, the verification and registry of the contact will not happen before thirty-one days.

As Peerless Network states, the creation of the National Do Not Call List, which can be accessed at www.DoNotCall.gov, is a clear attempt by the company to prevent the malfeasance.

They also informed us that no such call will ever be made by their personnel, since they are not a telemarketing company and would never attempt these marketing tactics to promote their services.

In addition, should you attempt to add a contact to the National Do Not Call List and it turns out unsuccessful, you can always notify the carrier about the fake call – either by contacting the carrier and informing them yourself, or by filling in the complaint form every carrier has on their websites.

As the registry is not responsible for verifying the possible illegal activity, the carriers become responsible for checking and adding the contact number to the national list.

Why Would Peerless Network Calling Me?

In response to the many complaints Peerless Company has been receiving, they informed us that the scammers apply a variety of tactics in the attempt to deceive people.

As the analysis of the complaints concluded, in most of the attempts, the scammer falsely impersonates an IRS agent, saying that the receivers of these calls need to pay taxes or debits, or else face imprisonment.

Don’t Forget To Block Them

Don’t Forget To Block Them

Should you register the name and number of the fake caller into the National Do Not Call List and still receive calls, you can always block them. The quickest way to have these contacts blocked is to take note of the area code, find out which carrier operates that number and ask them to do it.

In many of the cases this procedure was attempted, the contact number was blocked in less than twenty-four hours. Since Peerless Network’s system demands a thirty-one-day window to check and register the contact number, this could be a faster solution to stop getting those fake calls.

Another way, which is also fairly practical is to opt for VoIP services, as they will help you place the contact number on the blacklist, and it will no longer be able to reach your number.

The ‘downside’ is that a fast and reliable internet connection will be required, so make sure you have one before attempting to use VoIP services.

Report The Contact Via Email

Report The Contact Via Email

Should you attempt to add the fake caller contact number to the national list through Peerless Network and it does not work, there is even a third way. On their website, Peerless Network has a form which anyone can fill in with the number and possible name of the fake caller in order to report an abuse.

Once the abuse is reported, the company completely shuts down the entire phone system of the fake caller. The best thing is that this procedure usually takes only a few hours, or in some specific cases, a day or two.

As an abuse constitutes a stronger violation of people’s privacy, a more drastic measure is made valid. In addition, once Peerless Network shuts down the entire phone system of the fake caller, they will have a harder time attempting to scam people again, as in opposition to the national list.

In the latter, it would only take the scammers the work of acquiring a new number to continue harassing people.

The Last Word

In a nutshell, Peerless Network will never make telemarketing calls or harass people, so the best solution is to have the fake callers’ contact numbers blocked.

This can be done either through the national list, Peerless Network, or the carrier. The important thing is to have these contacts blocked so they won’t be able to carry on this malicious activity.

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