18 Steps To Troubleshoot And Fix Atlantic Broadband Slow Internet

atlantic broadband slow internet
atlantic broadband slow internet

Atlantic Broadband provides internet and TV services to all its customers via a cable network. The cable network gives them a hundred percent edge in terms of speed over most of the satellite and DSL internet services that are available. Although, many people face problems during peak hours or peak usage times, and many face slow internet speed. In this case, fiber optic internet services are better. However, the “Atlantic Broadband slow internet” title is on the internet quite a lot.

Slow Internet

Atlantic Broadband customers face many problems when it comes to slow internet and download speed. Many of them claim that their connections break down consistently every day and the customer support team has to come over every day to fix their internet connection. Some of the reasons why they face Atlantic Broadband slow internet are:

  1. The internet connection might have gotten overloaded.
  2. The internet connection is unreliable and unresponsive.
  3. The ISP’s infrastructure may have encountered an issue.
  4. There is a defective cable from the router or the modem used.
  5. There is interference because of nearby electronic devices.
  6. The router is of bad quality.
  7. Maybe a DSL problem.

That is just not it as people face many other problems.

Atlantic Broadband is expensive compared to the services they provide. Customers also complain about their online and telephonic customer service, which takes hours to respond back.

Troubleshoot & How To Fix Atlantic Broadband Slow Internet

The first reasonable and basic solution is to reboot or restart the broadband connection. This may include your router or your device. If the issue remains, restarting them and waiting for a few seconds usually does the trick.

If the internet keeps dropping or is slow on your computer or device, the power on-off reset works and fixes the connection issues most of the time. To solve any software or internet issues, Power-cycle is a good approach as well. Moreover, you need to ensure that nothing is broken. It may be the hardware, a wire cut, etc.

Some other steps to troubleshoot the Atlantic Broadband slow internet include:

  1. By optimizing the internet browser if facing slower browsing.
  2. Trying and changing to a new DNS server.
  3. Try using a private line network.
  4. Try placing or putting the router at a different centralized location in the area room.
  5. Try a speed test to check the internet speed, also called signal testing.
  6. To detect any unusual activity across the internet connection, use an anti-virus.
  7. Disconnect devices and connect them again.
  8. Refresh the applications or relaunch them.
  9. Troubleshoot the router or the modem you use.
  10. Send less data by increasing the bandwidth.
  11. Close applications that are running in the background and take a lot of data and bandwidth.
  12. Avoid the use of any proxy or VPN service.
  13. Do not download many files all at once.
  14. Try using the local cache files so you will not have to download those files again on your browser.
  15. Check if the internet works fine on any other device.
  16. Do not run many applications at a single time.
  17. Scan for any missing files or a potential virus roaming around in your PC.
  18. Check for any malware as some of them slow down the internet speed.


If none of these solutions works, there might be a problem with your ISP provider’s service and not your devices or connection. Atlantic Broadband might be facing some technical issues on their side. Call the customer service and surely one customer service representative from Atlantic Broadband will answer your call.

Even though they take, a lot of time to respond back, this is the only last solution if you are struggling for a good internet connection and good internet speed. The Atlantic Broadband slow internet problem tackles many people and is a pretty common, so they prefer to fix it on their own instead of calling their unresponsive customer service team.

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