Why Does My Belkin Router Keep Disconnecting From The Internet? (Answered)

why does my belkin router keep disconnecting from the internet
why does my belkin router keep disconnecting from the internet

Belkin routers have created a great reputation in the networking and communication industry because their signal reception features are amazing. However, just like other modems and routers, the Belkin router also drops the connection, resulting in internet connectivity errors. So, let’s see what can be done about it!

Why Does My Belkin Router Keep Disconnecting From The Internet?

The internet tends to disconnect or drop when there are interferences or hardware errors. However, it can also happen due to damaged cable and internet software errors. However, this is something that a troubleshooting guide can surely fix, and we are here to share them with you!

1. Put It Closer

If you have placed the Belkin router far away from where you are using the internet, distance is the most potent issue behind disconnection. Having said that, you need to place your router closer to the device that you are using for the internet. Putting the router closer will help improve the internet signals and will create a better internet connection (it promises high-strength internet signals).

2. Position Of The Router

If the router is already closer to the Belkin router, there are high chances that you have placed the router on the floor. This is the biggest mistake one can make because its installation has to be particular and must be positioned properly. To illustrate, you need to place the router above the ground. This is because when the router is placed on the ground, the internet signals won’t be able to pass through and will create an obstacle. So, if you have placed your Belkin router on the floor, position it on the table or shelf, and try to choose an open space.

3. Remove Hindrances

Another solution that you can try is to remove extra devices placed around the router, such as wireless devices, including smart TVs, microwave ovens, smart home assistants, and wireless speakers. This is because the wireless signals from these devices can interfere with the router’s wireless signals, resulting in disconnection. So, start removing the extra wireless devices from around the router and try using the internet again, and it will work much better.

4. Wireless Channels

When you are using a wireless connection, you need to remember that the wireless channel you choose can directly influence the internet speed. There are different channels available on the Belkin router, and there are high chances that you are using an incorrect wireless channel, which is causing the internet issues. For this reason, we suggest that you open the router’s settings and shift to a new channel – you can try experimenting with different channels to determine which one is working out for you.

5. Wires

Last but not least, you must check the wires because they are the basic medium through which the internet signals pass from the main transformer to the modem and router. If the wires look damaged and roughed up, replacing them will resolve the internet connectivity. However, you should always purchase the wires from a high-end electronic store to make sure they work well!

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