7 Ways To Fix Netgear Disconnecting From Games But Not Internet

disconnecting from games but not internet
disconnecting from games but not internet

While using the internet connection with gaming consoles, things can get pretty heated. For instance, if you are using the Netgear router for accessing the wireless connections, disconnecting from games but not the internet issue is persistent with the router. On the contrary, one doesn’t need to worry since we have the troubleshooting methods!

Netgear Router Disconnecting From Games But Not Internet

1. Reset

In the first place, reset should fix the majority of issues when it concerns the connectivity issues with games. However, there is one additional thing you need to do. While you are resetting the router, one needs to reboot the gaming console, smartphone, and PC; whichever device you are using. Once the devices reset, the connectivity is likely to be streamlined.

2. Proximity

The game might be disconnecting but not from the internet because you are too far from the router. If this is the case, you need to move closer to the Wi-Fi router. Also, you can use the Wi-Fi analyzer app because it helps outline the connectivity interferences. Once you remove the interferences and move the router closer to the device, the issue will be resolved.

3. Wi-Fi Channel

When it concerns the games, make sure that you use the correct channels. This is because different Wi-Fi channels are responsible for different internet-based activities. First of all, the 2.4GHz channel is suitable for low internet activities. On the contrary, the 5GHz channel is perfect for gaming. As a result, login to your router and change the Wi-Fi channel to 5GHz and it will fix the connectivity issues.

4. Firmware

For everyone using the internet, keep in mind that installing and using the router firmware is important. That’s to say because the firmware will help optimize the internet connection and settings. So, do download and install the firmware on the router through the Netgear website. Also, don’t forget to update the Wi-Fi adapters and drivers on your system.

5. Internet Issues

In some cases, the disconnection from games but not the internet occurs when the internet services are down from the backend. With this being said, it’s suggested that you call the internet service provider and have them look at the internet coverage in your area. In case the internet is nonfunctional from the backend, wait for them to work around the issue.

6. Firmware Flash

Sure, we said that firmware is important, but in some cases, the firmware is designed with the changes and features that aren’t compatible with the system. If that’s the suspected case, the users need to flash the firmware and go back to the previous version. However, this should be conducted only if you recently updated the firmware and the issue occurred only after that.

7. Factory Reset

In case nothing seems to sort out the issue with dysconnectivity, factory reset will be the last resort. For factory resetting the router, locate the reset button on the router (it is usually available on the back or bottom side). So, press the reset button for five to ten seconds and wait for the router to reboot. When the router switches on again, the connectivity errors will be resolved.

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